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Judge rules that Samsung Galaxy Nexus infringes Apple’s patents

Apple has been trying to block the Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales in the US since February and now it seems like they are winning. Lucy Koh, a US District Judge, has just ruled that the Galaxy Nexus is actually infringing some Apple patents, especially multi-source searching ( patent no. 8,086,604 ).

It’s quite a paradox that Google infringes Apple’s patents related to searches. Along with this patent, Apple also claimed ownership over link actions, slide to unlock and word suggestions, while some of them have been fixed in Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, though the search patent still remains an issue.

The trial begins in late July and we should see a final decision shortly, which might not be positive for Google. The device uses Apple’s patent all over the interface, so they might have to make some substantial changes in order to comply with the ruling. And if Apple manages to convince the judges, they might expand the trial to more devices, because all Android smartphones use multi-source searching.

Google didn’t make any statement yet, though they will probably out a press release soon in order to make things clear. Hopefully for all Android users, Apple will not win the trial, as the environment might be in danger.

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