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Leaked HTC M8 Photos Reveal Dual-camera and On-screen Buttons

After Samsung’s Galaxy S5, the HTC M8 is the second most-anticipated smartphone of the beginning of 2014. In fact, the hype created around the HTC One successor might be a sign that Samsung’s flagship will have at least one strong competitor this year.

After we’ve heard a while ago that the HTC M8 might be the company’s first device to come with on-screen buttons and that it could arrive with dual-LED flash and two cameras on the back, now we have a couple of leaked photos to confirm that.

The latest batch of alleged HTC M8 photos have hit the web courtesy of NowhereElse.fr and they confirm at least three of the rumors that made headlines over the past few weeks.

The image showing the phone’s back reveals that the M8 might bring two cameras and a two-tone flash, similar to the one used by Apple’s iPhone 5S and other devices. The leaked photos also confirm a rumor started by @evleaks a few days ago: that the HTC M8 will look strikingly similar to its predecessor, the HTC One.

The rumor mill also speculated that the HTC M8 will come with on-screen navigation buttons and the below photos seem to confirm that as well. What’s very interesting about the alleged M8 caught on camera, is that it still has that HTC logo between the screen and the speakers, which is just wasted space since the capacitive buttons have been ditched. There are two theories to sustain that HTC logo: we are either looking at an HTC M8 prototype or at a standard HTC One running Sense 6 (with the capacitive buttons turned off).

It’s quite obvious that the smartphone caught on camera is running Android 4.4 KitKat and the new Sense 6 version, given by the white iconography of the status bar and the transparent status and nav bars.

Reuters reported recently, quoting HTC’s executives, that the invitations for the HTC M8 launch event will be sent by the Taiwan-based phone maker in about two weeks. This means that, as rumored, we might see the HTC M8 in flesh in late March. Given that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will arrive on February 24 and that Sony might also introduce its 2014 flagship at MWC, the next couple of months will be a joy to the Android fanatics.