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Learn how to secure your Android against UpdtBot malware infection

UpdtBot Malware

The ‘updtbot software’ is a virus that is installed exclusively on Android smartphones and, by reading the info listed in this article you will learn how to properly configure and secure your device against this infection.

‘Updtbot malware’ installs automatically without you even noticing and it claims to be a bot that helps Android users install updates fast and easy due to a brand new technology. This is a lie and instead of updating your phone, ‘updtbot’ will take full control over your phone’s Android functions and it will start to perform automatic voice calls, send SMS text messages to your stored contacts which tells them that there is a new update for their Android device and that a link needs to be opened. This will trigger the installation of multiple other malicious files that will eventually take over thousands of other android phone.

This virus managed to install on almost 200,000 Android devices and it registers a new command and control server that you will start making calls and send SMSs randomly to other Contacts stored in these phones. When installed, ‘updtbot virus’ stays remotely connected to its author and currently, the source for this infection remains unknown and, the only thing you can do is to properly configure your device so that this virus won’t manage to install in your phone’s command center.

Below you can find some guidelines that will help you secure your Android against the updtbot malware and prevent it from installing its malicious files that would normally help it take control over your phone.

  • download applications and other files only from trusted web sites, links, sources etc.
  • try to install apps only Google’s Play Store as these are usually scanned and virus-free but, make sure to read their reviews and check to see if any other Android user complained about any app containing viruses or any other form of malware.
  • check every applications’ permission page to see which parts of your device will be used after the installation is completed. Click the ‘install’ button only when you’re sure that the applications is 100% safe and that it doesn’t contain malware.
  • try to install antimalware applications like NQ Mobile Security, McAfee Mobile antivirus, Norton or any other trusted antivirus app from Google Play Store. Also, make sure to keep such security apps always updated to the latest version.
  • do not click nor visit any links that are sent via SMS text messages or emails. Remember that the Android updates are usually sent from your network carrier and never through SMS text messages.
  • protect your Gmail account balance to check for suspicious transactions. Make sure to set a PIN code to be requested every time you try to install a paid applications.

That should be all. If you have any questions or any security tips&tricks for Android, then please feel free to post them in our comments section.