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Learn how to upload Multiple Pics to Picasa Web Albums from your Android

Picasa Tool Android App

Picasa Web Albums is a photo sharing web page that has been created by Google and it is the main competitor for Flickr and other similar online sites. This guide will teach you how to successfully upload multiple photos to Picasa right from your Android using the Gmail account.

As you might know, Picasa only supports pictures that are 2048 x 2048 or smaller if you’re a Google+ user or 800 x 800 if you’re not. It can be used with a free or paid account. For those of you who don’t know how to use Picasa from Android, then you shouldn’t worry as all the instructions can be found in this post. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, you need to download the Picasa Tool Android app from Google Play Store. Click here.
  • Install it on your Android phone/ tablet. This is the application that you’re going to use from now on to upload multiple photos to Picasa Web Albums.
  • Launch the Picasa Tool app on your device and then click on the ‘photo’ icon. It should be listed on the upper line, next to ‘my picasa’ text line.
  • Now you need to select all the photos you wish to upload to your Picasa web album. Select as many as you wish.
  • After you’ve selected all the pics you wish to upload, simply click the Upload button.
  • Select the location where you wish the pics to be stored. Click OK.
  • All the pictures you’ve selected will now be uploaded to your brand new Picasa Web Album folder. Please note that the uploading time depends on the speed of your data connection. It is recommended that you use a Wi-Fi connection.
  • When a photo gets successfully updated, a confirmation message appears in the notification bar. These are all the steps you had to take.

Now you can easily open your Picasa web albums while offline and view the uploaded photos. Also, you can use Picasa to edit pictures and add effects like draw tool, contrast, redeye etc.

A great thing about Picasa Web Album is that it can be managed from multiple Google accounts and this allows you to share you profile with your closest ones easily.