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Lenovo Idea Tab S2109 Specs Rumored, ICS on board

After we have brought you news about Lenovo’s upcoming K800 smartphone, it’s time to unveil a new Android powered device which is set to be released by the same Chinese company. So, after we have seen how the up mentioned phone is performing by showing its first benchmark scores (the device was compared with the Galaxy Note and with the HTC One X / One S), now we will take a look over the Lenovo Idea Tab S2109 tablet. We managed to find some of its future specs and features along with a teaser video, all being presented during the following lines.

As you can see in the image, the tablet is looking quite impressive, the unibody design and its only 8.9 mm thickness outlining an interesting device. But, you can make your own impression after checking the Lenovo Idea Tab S2109 promotional video from below. The aspects about this tablet were spotted thanks to those of FCC, though there are only few details known so far. Furthermore, the info mentioned during this post hasn’t been confirmed yet, so take it only as leaked rumors.

According to our sources, the Lenovo Idea Tab S2109 specs and features should include a 9.7 inch display, Snapdragon s4, or Tegra 3 on board, quad speakers with SRS Trumedia support, a high end battery which can provide up to 10 hours of “life” without charging, the already mentioned unibody design and the latest Android OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich. A relatively good tablet, especially if we consider its operating system. As usually, Google Play will be installed (you will have access to numerous and different apps) along with Lenovo’s own Market, the App Shop.

The customers are still complaining about the GPS issues from the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, making us wonder if the Idea Tab will be a good device or it will be coming with major bugs and problems. The worst part is that even though the ThinkPad is out on the market since last year, its problems hasn’t been yet resolved, Lenovo being nowhere to find.

Now, there are no words, or even rumors about the Idea Tab S2109 release date, possible pricing offers, or future availability, though probably the tablet will be confirmed and officially announced in the coming weeks. Stay close as we will update you with fresh news. In the end I let you with the promised teaser video, so you can make a better idea about Lenovo’s upcoming ICS Idea Tab.