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Lenovo K800’s Performances Exceeds Galaxy Note and HTC One X/One S

Lenovo first announced its smartphone, the K800, in January this year, when only few aspects were provided. Since then, we manage to find, well almost everything about this upcoming handset. So, during the following, I will show you the first impressions about Lenovo’s K800 Android powered phone, along with its specs list, features, release date and future availability on the market. Furthermore, we have its first benchmark scores, which are revealing better performances than the ones featured on the Galaxy Note and on the HTC One X and One S smartphones.

I was a little bit surprised when I first heard about Lenovo planning to release a phone, the Chinese company being well known for its desktop and notebook computers, workstations, servers, storage drives, IT management software and so on. But, nowadays in order to be an important company on the market, you must start developing devices that are having a huge impact on customers worldwide; of course I am talking about smartphones and also tablets.

The Lenovo K800 handset is actually not that high end as you might think, though it will be the first phone to come with Intel Medfield processor. The specs are showing a large 4.5 inch 720p LCD display, a single core 1.6 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, an 8 MP dual led rear facing camera and the Android platform on top. The rumors are saying that the Ice Cream Sandwich will come preinstalled, so this is definitely its major strength.

The Lenovo K800 official release date is set for Q2 this year, so only a month or two until its debut. The handset will be made available in China (as expected) and only after that it will go worldwide. Unfortunately, so far there are no words or even rumors about its future price tag. But, we will update you as soon as something new comes out, so stay tuned.

Regarding to the performance, the first Lenovo K800 benchmark scores have been leaked. According to our sources, the results were obtained after using a K800 prototype running the Android 2.3.7 OS; it was compared with two handsets that were highly expected by all of us, the HTC One X and One S and with the well-known Galaxy Note.

As you can see in the image from below, it doesn’t perform remarkable, but it did beat pretty much everyone, being extremely close to the 1.4GHz dual-core Exynos chipset powered Galaxy Note device. The only thing that remains unknown until its official debut it’s the battery life. We will have to wait and see if the Lenovo K800 will be better than the HTC One X / One S, the Note or other smartphones available on the market when it comes to the battery performances.

Lenovo K800 First Benchmark Scores

Lenovo K800 First Benchmark Scores

That’s all for now, so what do you have to say about the first Lenovo K800 benchmark scores, is it enough for making you decide whether or not to buy the smartphone, or you rather wait until further aspects and opinions? Share your thoughts with us in the comments area from below.