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LG Announces G3 Stylus Availability, Price Will Be Revealed at the Time of Launch

It was rumored over the past couple of weeks that the folks at LG will be releasing a stylus-enable smartphone that will take on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. Everyone was expecting the G3 Stylus to see the light of day at IFA, but the South Koreans surprised us and revealed its technical specifications ahead of time. Unfortunately, the LG G3 Stylus is not a Note 4 competitor as early rumors have reported.

The LG G3 is no doubt a popular smartphone and LG wants to take advantage of that by announcing several variants of the full G3. So far we’ve had the LG G3 Beat (G3 S for the European market) mid-ranger and the South Korean G3 A, which arrives with G2 specs, but employs G3’s design language. Now we get to see the LG G3 Stylus which is a budget-friendly stylus-enabled smartphone with low-to-mid end hardware specifications.

Even though it looks a lot like the original G3, LG has downgraded the G3 Stylus specs for the sake of offering it at a competitive price. The new handset is powered by an unnamed quad-core 1.3 GHz processor, has 1 GB of RAM instead of 3 GB, 8 GB of storage instead of 32 GB, and, fortunately, support for microSD cards. To me, the display of the G3 Stylus is the biggest disappointment: we’re dealing with a 5.5-inch IPS unit with 540 x 960 resolution. The qHD resolution wouldn’t have been a problem for a smaller display, but don’t expect the 5.5-inch unit to look too sharp. On the back of the handset you will be able to find a 13 MP camera that ditches the Laser Autofocus component. It also comes with a 1.3 MP user-facing cam, 3,000 mAh battery, and runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box.

The good news is that the handset comes pre-loaded with some of the premium software features that are also available on the LG G3. You will be able to enjoy QuickMemo (which will probably work great with the stylus), Dual Window, Knock Code, Smart Keyboard, and Gesture Shot for easier selfies.

LG revealed that the G3 Stylus will first debut in 3G markets in Brazil starting September. The Asian, Middle Eastern, Africa, and CIS markets will be next. The price of the smartphone will be revealed at launch on each market. Given that the LG G3 Stylus doesn’t come with support for 4G LTE networks, we might not see it debuting in Europe or North America.

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