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LG Teases New Smartphone Line-up, Is It The F Series?

LG unveiled the Optimus L smartphone line-up at last year’s edition of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, betting on an affordable price and rectangular design, reminiscent of Optumus Vu and Prada Phone 3.0. The rumor mill talks LG again, and it was reported that the Asian phone maker will bring the new F Series line-up at MWC 2013. LG has officially confirmed the existence of the F Series smartphones, in an official press statement issued with the occasion of Q4 2012 financial report.

Well, LG has even posted a teaser on Facebook (pictured above) which reminds of a gift box. The teaser mentions that “New Series Will Be Unveiled” and the trademark red and white LG colors are there, too. Of course there are no details about the terminals that will be announced, but the latest rumors are indicating that the upcoming F Series will be made of phablets and 5+ inch smartphones. We’re also expecting the LG Optimus G2/Optimus G Pro and its high-end technical specifications to be displayed at MWC 2013.

The new F Series from LG might be the equivalent of the Optimus L line-up, but on the 5+ inch segment. A new 5.5-inch terminal with high end technical specifications and full HD resolution might join the tribe, followed by a 5 inch model with slightly less powerful specs, and a L5/L3-equivalent, a 5-inch terminal with affordable price and modest technical specifications, eventually a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 event is just around the corner, and we will definitely hear more about the LG F Series smartphones at the Spanish-based event. Would you consider buying an LG F Series smartphone if the price is right? Please let us know in the comments section.