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LG Reading New F Series Line-up

LG recently posted its financial results for last year and in the South Korea-based company also revealed some of its plans for 2013 in the press release issued on this occasion.

It looks like LG is planning to announce new smartphones: a successor for the Optimus G and a new F Series line-up and new members of the L Series family.

Rumor has it that the F Series line-up will have phablets and smartphones with displays greater than 5 inches. So far, the South Koreans only had two smartphones with 5+ inch displays: Optimus Vu and Optimus Vu 2.

As about the the L Series, sold worldwide as Optimus L, so LG will unveil new affordable smartphones with decent technical specifications.

I am confident that we will see some of the new models displayed at Mobile World Congress 2013, the Barcelona-based event that will debut three weeks from now.

Those wondering how LG perfomed in 2013 should learn that the South Korea-based company shipped not less than 15.4 million phones world wide in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Of the total of 15.4 million mobile handsets shipped globally, 8.6 million of them were Android-powered models, generating an income of $2.58 billion.

The figures indicate the LG has grown 23% compared to Q3 2013, when LG managed to sell 7 million smartphones. Even though the smartphone¬†shipments¬†are not impressive when compared to Samsung’s or Apple’s, LG is one of the biggest players of the smartphone market, and it promises to grow even further.