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LG G Flex Confirmed by WSJ, Technical Specs Go Live

We’ve already heard several times that both Samsung and LG will launch curved-screen smartphones by the end of the year, but except for that there was no extra information about them. While the rumor mill speculates that the Samsung flexible smartphone will be a Note 3 variant, the other Korean curved-screen handset will reportedly be called LG G Flex.

ZDNet Korea was writing yesterday that the LG flexible smartphone will go on sale as G Flex, as the name of LG Z is only used internally. Moreover, the folks at CNet managed to get their hands on a LG G Flex sketch (pictured above) and they claim that the new smartphone will come with a 6-inch flexible screen.

Well, don’t be fooled when you hear about flexible smartphones as you will not be able to bend the device in any way. Flexible rather refers to its screen, which will be curved inside but it will be stationary. The main advantage of the flexible displays is that they are made using a plastic-based OLED panel that is almost impossible to break.

The same publication writes that the LG G Flex will be launched in November, claims that were later on confirmed by Wall Street Journal.

In the meantime, Japanese sources quoted by Android Authority have revealed some of LG G Flex’s technical specifications. The specs list has been extracted from GFXBench benchmark logs, after a handset codenamed LG-F340L “that fits the description of G Flex/LG Z” has been tested.

Therefore, the LG G Flex is expected to come with an HD display while being powered by a Snapdragon 800 chipset with quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 processor. It seems that it will also be compatible with the LTE-A/W-CDMA/GSM standards and that it will run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Will you be interested in LG’s concave smartphone if the specs above prove to be accurate?