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LG G Flex Curved Smartphone Shown In Detailed Photos and Hands-on Video

LG G Flex is the first curved smartphone developed by the South Korean phone maker and it will battle against Samsung’s Galaxy Round.

Well, the curved G Flex leaks once again is a new set of detailed photos. If you jump straight to the end of this article you will even get to see a hands-on video with the device.

The yet-unannounced LG G Flex packs a curved OLED screen, which, unlike Galaxy Round’s (which is bent left-to-right), is curved from top-to-bottom.

The screen is sized 6 inches and it’s also worth noting that the handset has the power and volume buttons on the back, just like the LG G2 flagship.

The leaked photos and video are coming from Argentinian broadcaster Telefe. The journalist that got his hands on the G Flex mentions that the terminal has a 13 MP camera mounted on the back and that it will debut on the Korean market as of next month. Just like we feared, the LG G Flex might not be intended for the European or North American markets.

Which type of curved smartphone would you prefer? Left-to-Right (Samsung Galaxy Round) or Top-to-Bottom (LG G Flex)?

In my opinion there’s a problem with both designs: Galaxy Round, it’s good for your pocket, bad for your face, while the G Flex, it’s good for your face, bad for your pocket.