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LG G2 Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update Now Available at Verizon

The LG G2 Android 4.4.2 KitKat update is now being pushed to the Verizon variant of the device, but it’s not yet available for download over-the-air.

According to Droid Life, you will be able to update your Verizon LG G2 to Android 4.4.2 KitKat using Verizon’s Software Update Assistant. If you happen to own a Mac we have sad news for you as the tool is only compatible with Windows machines.

The process of grabbing the LG G2 Android 4.4.2 update through Verizon Software Update Assistant is pretty simple. You need to grab the USB cable, plug in your LG G2 and wait for a drive called Verizon Mobile to appear (picture below). Locate the SWUpgradeLauncher app in the respective folder, double click it, then follow the on-screen instructions.

It’s also worth noting that the Android 4.4.2 update for LG G2 is labeled VS98024A and has a weight of 2 GB, so it might take a while until it’s downloaded.

For the time being there’s no mention on when the VS98024A for Verizon LG G2 will become available OTA, but we are pretty sure that the roll out will begin soon. Anyway, we are pretty sure that once OTA roll out will be made out in stages, meaning that some of you might not be able to download it right away. At the moment, the Verizon Software Update Assistant tool is the quickest way to update your device.

There’s no mention about the changes bought by the update either, but we might anticipate what’s under the hood. Besides the KitKat-specific tweaks such as transparent status and nav bars, white iconography in the status bar, full screen album and movie art in the lock screen, camera shortcut in the lockscreen, cloud printing, color emoji support, new Location menu, the Android 4.4.2 update for Verizon LG G2 will also arrive with updates for the native LG apps.

Any Verizon LG G2 owners reading this? Have you guys managed to update your devices to Android 4.4.2 KitKat using Verizon’s Software Update Assistant? Please let your fellow LG G2 owners know in the comments section below.

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  • ed

    failed. Verizon wanted a cloud subscription. f u Verizon!

  • Bradley Thompson

    works just like you said

    • Juan Vargas

      What did u do to get it to work?

      • Bradley Thompson

        Juan did you get my direct reply? Did it work? The ugrade tool didn’t pop up until I loaded correct usb driver. Only difference I’ve noticed is full screen mode. I do lots of video streaming and live tv, so I’m glad those pesky menu icons are gone.

        • Juan Vargas

          Yes, i did get your reply….i went to LG.COM…but couldnt figure out how to sesrch for the right usb driver…..i tried everything, but no luck!….lol….anyways thank you for your help Brad, it was greatly appreciated

          • Bradley Thompson

            Click on support, downloads & drivers, mobile, phones, Verizon, and scroll to G2. (980)

          • Juan Vargas

            Got it to work!!!…..once again Bradley Thompson thank you very much!!!!….really appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me!!

  • Juan Vargas

    Bradley Thompson, how did it work for u?….it won’t work for me

  • Jesse

    Worked for me..at first, the Verizon folder wasn’t popping up after clicking on MY COMPUTER. I installed the drivers, unplugged it, then plugged it back in and bam it started. Click on the Droid Life link in this article and you’ll see.

    • Stefan Teske

      Do you have a fast battery drain?

      • isaac maqruez

        That is the first thing I saw my phone was dead with 4-5hrs not coo at all….plus my Swype not working to well…seems a lil buggy right now hope there is a nightly or something cause this flipping blows

        • April

          I updated yesterday. I’m having the same Swype and drain issues. My phone has been charging for 3 hours and it’s still not 100%! My texts are not sending, if they do It’s taking 20mins. My alarm clock is also not working. The phone was fine until i updated !

          • isaac maqruez

            I ended up calling Verizon…long story short my phone wouldn’t even allow me to hard rest…Verizon called up LG and was able to reset my phone and now it works perfect so far haven’t seen the battery life yet since i just did it a few hours ago…to reset hold the down key and the power key at the same time…one the LG logo appears let the power button go while still holding the down button then press the power button again and that will give you the access to reset (remember it’ll erase everything so make a back up)…the reason i had to do it that way was for some reason i couldn’t reset through the menu selections…hope this helps

  • Stefan Teske

    Works great but the battery seems to drain fast. Maybe it needs a reboot or full charge on kk.

  • Nick

    Upgraded my phone and it was reallu buggy, so i did a hard reset and its running beautiful. 1% of battery use in an hour.

  • ds

    Installed a couple hours ago battery seems better only issue so far is an unwanted screen dim every now and then can’t figure out how to get rid of it

    • ds

      Scratch that axed the auto brightness no more dimming

  • stlhdbvr

    Jut downloaded kitkat. Some of the features are not showing up on my g2 like the improved phone app, lock screen album art, etc…. are these features not available on the g2? Any help Is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Barry

    You have allow the software to connect with the phone while in any mode. Like media sync or internet connection. I downloaded the software took about 15 min. Then it takes about 10 minutes or less to update the phone. All of your previous wallpapers and apps are saved. I have noticed it seems quite a bit more responsive with kitkat. I updated my LG G2 and my wife’s G2 also.While a lot of people were unhappy about waiting for Verizon to release kikat, I would rather have a bug free user experience, than numerous issues with and untested operating system.

  • LaRon Porter

    Downlaoded and installed it last night. I had to disable my virus protect while it installed. Other than that, everything went smoothly. TO be honest, not sure what the big deal is. I have noticed very little difference

  • energyx

    Just got the update OTA.

  • robg

    Failed. Could not evoke the installer. Use 2 different Win 7 computers. Not ready for prime time.

  • kyle

    went to the setting and all that good stuff im downloading ota right now so check it out

  • Zeke

    Mine started downloading OTA automatically.

  • Ryan

    Just got my ota

  • Casper

    I have the Verizon LG G2. I tried 3 Windows 7 64-bit systems at work and 1 Windows XP 32-bit system and couldn’t get the Verizon Upgrade Assistant software to install or open. I then tried my Windows 7 64-bit system at home and it worked without any issues. The download took about 8-9 minutes and then install and config of kitkat took about another 10 minutes. It works really well. My phone feels faster and battery life is better.

  • Nora Rice McPike

    updated my lgg2 and it erased ALL of my text messages. WTF!!! don’t like that at all.

  • David Goebel

    Mine (and my wife’s) did OTA pretty automatically, seems to work great!

  • Mari

    I downloaded mine OTA a few minutes ago.

  • jeterman29ny

    Got it ota today

  • alex

    Mine has been terrific so far. I have more RAM free so the phone has been operating slightly faster than it previously had been before the update.

  • casey

    I got mine last night, nothing special really.

  • Cliff Sweeney

    I just got the ota yesterday mornning here in Portland Oregon. So far everything seems to run a little faster.

  • Byrday

    Successfully updated using the Software Update Assistant today. No noticeable changes that I can see outside of the white status bar. :/ Hopefully LG will outline what updates 4.4.2 provides.

  • Stefan Teske

    The alternative to hard reset is safe mode.

  • michael sanchez

    No navigation or places anymore