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LG G3 Stylus Introduced Before IFA 2014, Not a Galaxy Note 4 Competitor

LG has presented earlier today the official LG G3 Stylus smartphone, a device that everyone thought that it will go against Samsung’s future Galaxy Note 4 phablet. Now that the specs have been revealed we can say that it is a mid-range smartphone that will be sold at a reasonable price and it will be destined for those that love the phone-tablet hybrids.

The G3 Stylus is a downgraded LG G3 device with a pen as it comes with a 1.3GHz Quad-Core chipset, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage. Its main features are the Stylus Pen, obviously, and the 5.5-inch qHD screen with a 960 x 540 screen resolution.The shape of the G3 Stylus will be the same as the LG G3, it consists of thin bezels, Floating Arc tapered edges, metallic skin model, while the Stylus is a RubberdiumTM model.

LG G3 Stylus will run on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat and its UX is the same one that you will find on the LG G3. Here’s some of the key features that you will find in the G3 Stylus smartphone: QuickMemo+, Dual Window multitasking, Smart Keyboard, Touch & Shoot, Gesture Shot, and the Knock CodeTM. The QuickMemo+ comprises the Memo, Notebook and the Quickmemo applications, while Dual Window allows you to divide the G3 Stylus 5.5-inch screen and multitask much better than you would do with any other LG device.

The 13MP camera that you will find on the G3 Stylus also comes with the Touch & Shoot and Gesture Shot features. Touch & Shoot allows users to touch anywhere on the screen in order to focus and shoot a photo much faster than before. Gesture Shot is a small feature that is great for ‘selfie’ enthusiasts. When Gesture Shot is enabled you simply have to open and close your hand in front of the secondary-camera lens and start a 3-second countdown before the picture shutter will be triggered, giving you enough time to prepare before the photo is taken.

Other small features of this G3 Stylus device are as following: 3000mAh battery that’s removable, Front Camera Light, removable microSD slot, 3G network, it weighs 163g and it will come in Black, White and Gold. It will be first released in Brazil in September, but we will see it demoed for the first time at IFA Berlin September 2014.

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