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LG G6 to Feature a 3200mAh Battery, Reveals Company Official

While pretty much all key specs of the upcoming LG G6 had been revealed recently, the exact battery capacity was still a mystery. Not anymore though, as a company official in Korea has told the local media there that the G6 will be equipped with a 3200mAh capacity battery. Since the info comes from an LG official, we’re inclined to believe that it is in fact the actual figure.

That means the LG G6 will definitely be better than previous LG flagships in the battery life department, or at least that is what we expect. The G5 packs a 2800mAh capacity battery, so it is a healthy increase of 400mAh over the 2016 model. The G4 from 2015 packed a 3000mAh capacity battery, but wasn’t all that impressive in terms of actual battery stamina. LG has in fact been a bit disappointing with optimization on its flagship devices, which is one of the many reasons why LG flagship smartphones are behind their rivals in the battery life department.

The LG V20, which comes with a similar 3200mAh capacity battery inside, fares better than the G5, but the difference isn’t as large as you would expect given the 400mAh difference in battery capacity. We sure hope that will not be the case with the G6 though. While battery capacity does play a role, software optimization is a very important factor as well. Rival Samsung does it quite well, which is why most of its smartphones deliver respectable battery life.

The LG G6 will be announced on the 26th at a pre-MWC press event in Barcelona, Spain. Based on the leaks so far, it is going to feature a 5.7-inch display with 1440 x 2880 resolution Quad HD display with maximized screen area dominating the front of the handset. It will also feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC, 4GB of RAM, IP68 certification for dust and water resistance, upgraded Quad DAC for superior audio quality, wireless charging support, new Google Voice assistant, and a dual-camera setup at the back. On the software front, the smartphone will be running on Android Nougat with LG’s custom Android skin on top.