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Optimus G2 Might Be LG’s First Flexible Display Smartphone, Coming Q4 2013

It seems that the South Korean company has confirmed the fact that it will be releasing a new device that will sport a flexible OLED screen in Q4 of 2013, though no additional details about the matter have been provided.

It looks like LG Electronics will collaborate with LG Display in order to obtain a flexible OLED screen for a new handset. The information is more than a rumor as it comes directly from the vice president of the company, so it can’t get more official than this.

The statement has been published by the Wall Street Journal, and it was made during the company’s financial earning report of the first quarter of the year, which showed that LG has done well when it comes to sold smartphones. However, LG did not have the same amount of success when it comes to the TV business.

Of course, we can’t no for sure what type of mobile product will the company release sometime at the end of 2013, but it will be very nice to see a handset with a flexible OLED display that will probably run Android OS. ┬áIf we think about it, the company’s high earnings are mainly due to the Android smartphones released over the past months. Of course, LG has launched a plethora of handsets, but most of the money has probably come from selling the Optimus G, the Google Nexus 4, and the new Optimus G Pro, which has just been unveiled.

Actually the Optimus G and the Nexus 4 have been launched in Q4 2012, so we can speculate that the new smartphone will flexible OLED display will see the light of the in the same period of the year, and it will most definitely be a flagship, maybe the Optimus G2, a device that has been rumored lately.

There is also the possibility that LG won’t launch a new smartphone at all, and maybe the flexible OLED display will be implemented on a totally different product to give prominence to its display technology. However, we really hope the LG vice president was talking about a mobile device. This might be the manufacturer’s chance to become one of the major players on the mobile market as none of the competitors have confirmed that they will release such a product.

This is probably because it’s not very easy to build quality smartphones with flexible screens and perhaps the manufacturers are still waiting to perfect the technology. On the other hand, this is a much debated subject over the past few years and we expected that the first company to release a flexible display device to be Samsung, which has been also working on it.

We know that Samsung wants to be the first to succeed and the company has demoed its work on a regular basis, but until now it hasn’t come out with a real final product ready to go on sale. Actually, the Samsung CEO himself made a recent declaration saying that there is still much work to do until someone manages to release a flexible display handset. He added that it will take a while for the company to finish the work, but he said the he doesn’t know how long it will take. Another report claims that Samsung will delay it’s flexible OLED display launch because it has some problems with the manufacturing process.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been said to come with a flexible OLED display, but this is just a rumor that has not been officially confirmed yet.

All in all, the flexible display is a discussion that has just begun and other more details will probably appear in the following months.