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Optimus G2 To Boast LG’s Proprietary Octo-Core Odin CPU

Rumor has it the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with an eight-core processor. Even if the information has not been confirmed, it might be possible. But it seems that Samsung’s device will not be the only one with an eight-core CPU as the latest reports reveal that LG will also come up with smartphone powered by a processor of this kind. Apparently, the handset that will include the beast will be the Optimus G2.

DDaily writes that the CPU will be called Odin and will use a 28mm HKMG process. Also, it looks like the company has signed a partnership contract with TSMC to manufacture it. The SoC is supposed to be ready later this year, and it should power the LG Optimus G2. The smartphone is expected to come at the end of 2013, not sooner because it will be too fast as the original Optimus G has just been launched, in November 2012.

According to DDaily, the Odin CPU will include four cortex A7 cores that will handle the routine tasks, and four Cortex A15 meant for more demanding activities like games. If it’s anything like Samsung’s Exynos 5, the LG Odin will not only take the phone’s performances at a new level, but it will also help conserving battery life, courtesy of the big.LITTLE architecture.

The chip will allegedly provide support for eight-core graphics as well as support for Full HD resolution and higher. The bad news is that it won’t have a baseband modem.

Nothing is official, and until the Optimus G2 will be released, there is enough time to debate the subject. The good thing is that the technology is going forward and this year we’re going to see a couple of interesting processors. Apart from LG’s Odin there is also Samsung’s Exynos 5, and let’s not forget about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800.