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LG Optimus Will Reportedly Receive Smart Pause-like Eye Tracking Feature

It looks like the feature that allows you to pause a video by just looking the other way is becoming a trend on the smartphones. After Samsung, LG too has announced that the eye recognition tech will be implemented on its latest flagship, the Optimus G Pro, and also other devices to come.

The feature is called “Smart Video” and has the ability to pause a video the user is watching. Smart Video uses the front camera of the phone and basically sees when the user gets distracted by something else and turns his eyes away from the device. Of course, the video playback will resume after the user looks at the screen again.

The feature is similar than the one that will be included by the Samsung Galaxy S4, the only difference being that Samsung is calling it Smart Pause.

Returning to the Lg Optimus G, the owners of the handset will receive the Smart Video feature as a Value Pack update. The software upgrade will start to roll out in April. However, there is a downside to this story as not all of the users of the Optimus G Pro will get the update, but only the ones living in South Korea, at least for now. The company didn’t mention when the update is going to be released in other regions.

Along with Smart Video, the users who will receive the update will also get the smartphone’s Dual Camera feature, which allows them to take¬†photos with both primary and secondary camera simultaneously resulting some sort of picture-in-picture effect.