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LG Unveils PMC-510: Universal Portable Charger on the go

LG had released lately new smartphones with high end specs and features, but as usual when talking about powerful devices, the battery life is never satisfying. Also, LG is well known for the fact that its handsets are equipped with low capacity battery therefore it’s really hard not to notice that a portable charger might be helpful.

Fortunately for those who think alike, LG just announced and unveiled the PMC-510, which is a new universal portable charger on the go. With this gadget you will be able to enjoy your Android powered smartphone without checking whether you have enough battery or not, so downloading apps from Google Play, watching videos, navigating on the Internet or just playing all day long will be now possible.

The LG PMC-510 is compact (weighs about 152 g), fitting in a pocket, and boosts a 5,200mAH lithium-ion battery. The device features a quick-charge USB port on it and it can be used for charging a smartphone with a 1500mAh battery for 3 times upon one full charge. That’s not much but at least you will have a charger on the go.

Now, according to LG and to our sources, the PMC-510 universal charger will be released soon in Korea, though the exact date is still unknown. Also, the device will also be made available through other markets too, but of course the launch date is still missing. Unfortunately the price hasn’t been announced, but we are expecting further info during the following days, so stay close for more details related to the PMC-510 future availability on the market and future pricing offers.

So, what do you say are you willing to get this universal charger and use it on your Android based LG smartphone, or you rather prefer to stick to the “classic” charger method? Do share your impressions related to this topic with us and with other users who might be interested in getting a universal charger, by using the comments section from below.