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LG Shipped 12.3 Million Smartphones in Q1 2014

Now that we know Samsung reported its second straight fall in quarterly profit because the flat-screen panels and smartphone shipments were below expectations, it’s time to look at the sales of another South Korean company. LG officially announced they shipped 12.3 million smartphones in the first quarter of the year.

For the time being, highest-tier smartphone in LG’s portfolio is the LG G Pro 2, a smartphone that is yet to be launched on the North American market. The South Korean phone maker managed to ship 19% more smartphones than in the same quarter of the last year. LG also notes that 5 million LTE smartphones were shipped in Q1 2014, an increase of 14% over Q1 2013.

With the LG G3 almost ready for launch, the company’s sales are expected to further increase in the coming quarters. Another LG handset that might impress in terms of sales could be the G2 Mini and the affordable LG L III series smartphones.

We are also eager to see how LG will perform on the tablet market in the next three quarters of the year, especially now that the LG G Pad 8.3 is getting old and it definitely needs a successor.