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LG Throws In New Video Teaser For MWC 2013

LG has a different marketing strategy than other companies such as HTC, Samsung or Sony. While the three rival phone makers tend to give away more details about the devices that are to be released, LG only offers teasers, which makes people more excited in what’s about to appear.

Yesterday, the company posted a teaser on Facebook about a “new series” with “unexpected distinction”. Today, another teaser appeared, this time on YouTube. The video has about half a minute, but as always, it’s very ambiguous and doesn’t give us anything to work with, as no device name is given, not even a few technical specifications.

The only thing that we know so far is that LG will unveil one or more devices at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So, the company will show us the “unlimited possibilities” at the end of this month. I don’t know is this is just fancy-talk or the Koreans are coming with something big.

The video is meant to be some kind of “trailer” for the event which highlights a bunch of adjectives that describe its next smartphone. The new handset is supposed to be stylish, speedy and creative, but nothing makes real sense for use people who don’t know LG’s plans.

Maybe, the company will bring us a brand new phone, or it will only launch a fresh series of the Optimus L line. But then again, way all the fuss for something that already exists? I hope they will offer some actual details otherwise these teasers will be nothing but boring.