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LG Unveiled Its Latest Wireless Charger At MWC

LG is the company that probably revealed the most smartphones this year. Apart from the Optimus G Pro, all of them seem rather boring mid-range devices. However, the company is also making accessories, and their latest is a new wireless charger, which has just been unveiled. The LG WCP-300 is claimed to be the smallest wireless charger ever conceived and measures only 6.9cm in diameter.

The new LG charger is compatible will all the handsets that support the Qi standard. For example, LG offers the Spectrum 2 and the Nexus 4, both smartphones coming with support for wireless charging right out of the box. Additionally, the company stated that the charging area of the WCP-300 is almost two times bigger than the one of its predecessor, even though the new one is smaller in size.

The LG wireless charger comes with a standard 5-pin microSUB cable which is supposed to offer a high level of charging performance and user convenience, according to the South Korean manufacturer. But, the main feature that LG is praising is its small size, the official even comparing it to a beverage coaster, probably because the LG WCP-300 is not only meant to be utilized at home, but on the go, as well.

The company hasn’t mention the exact date when the charger will be available for purchase, nor how much it will cost. The question is whether it will be cheaper than the wireless charger of the Nexus 4, which is available on Google’s Play Store. The WCP-300 won’t be the last wireless charger coming from LG, as the phone maker considers that it offers a lot of comfort for the users.