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LG Will Start Producing Flexible Displays For Smartphones

It’s official folks, LG just announced in a press release that their display making department will start the mass production of flexible display units for smartphones, a week after rumors started about their plans. The plastic based flexible display production will supply the high end smartphones of LGs lineup and it will mark a new era for smartphone technology. Now that a smartphone maker is able to mass produce yesterday’s futuristic technology, designers will finally be able to create top of the art devices, once they won’t be limited to stiff glass based displays.

We could now expect more futuristic smartphones with breaking trough design and with little chances of breaking so easily. We don’t know for sure at what price this innovation will come, but looking around I bet that many customers are going to be more than happy to pay a higher price for a “less chance of breaking t the first fall” technology.

Looking at the specs sheet, we can see how the plastic display is going to be like, measuring 6 inches and having just 0.44 millimeters thick, with a weight of 7.2 grams. Now beside the fact that it is the world’s lightest OLED display, it will low the total weight of the smartphone and also it is going to allow an even thinner device by replacing the old glass-based technology with the future standard. And yes, in a few years, this is going to be the future standard for every new device and LG is the name to remember.

The flexible display is in fact a panel with a film-type encapsulation in order to protect the sensitive OLED materials from air and moisture. We even have an idea for a first smartphone who will carry this technology, as LG claimed ” enhanced performance and different design” for the next years release. Rumors are claiming that we might see a curved LG smartphone using this display technology starting November and that the total radius from top to bottom is going to be 700 mm. In case this is true, LG is only going to prove that flexible display is used in their lines, but they are not yet tested a radical design as the smartphone is still going to be rigid.

Same rumors are pointing to LG G Flex as being the first smartphone to use flexible display technology, having a 6 inch display, 2 GB of RAM and powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Also probably featuring Android 4.4 KitKat, but again, this are rumors and every detail can change once LG is going to make an official statement about future products. Going back to what this flexible display is capable of, LG claimed that it is unbreakable and bendable, which we might expect to see on a next year release for a whole flexible smartphone.

Now that “everything is possible”, let your imagination free and tell us how would you take advantage of this technology if you were a smartphone design. You can tell us the main features, but the most important specs we’re looking for are: dimensions, weight and shape.