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LG Z to Compete Against Flexible Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The display and smartphone manufacturers tested the flexible touch panels for a while now and reports are indicating that at least two of the big players of the market will launch handsets with flexible displays by the end of the year. We are talking about LG and Samsung, the later company reportedly launching a smartphone with flexible screen next week.

Without revealing any further details, the Samsung representatives have confirmed the existence of a smartphone with flexible display that will be launched later this month. The rumor mill speculates that the new OLED flexible screen will be fitted on a Galaxy Note 3 limited edition called Active.

But it looks that Samsung will not be alone on the flexible smartphone market. Reports are indicating that LG is also planning to launch their own flexible screen smartphone. In order to create buzz around its launch the Korean company also revealed a couple of interesting details about their smartphone. Called LG Z the handset has a concave OLED screen, which will probably facilitate the interaction with the touch interface. The same company said that the LG Z is already in production and that it will see the light of day by the end of the month.

One sure thing is that neither the LG Z nor the Galaxy Note 3 limited edition will be real flexible smartphones, as long as the case will be rigid, just like the one of any other smartphone on the market. Why? Because it needs to stay rigid in order to accommodate essential electronic parts like the motherboard or the battery.

The smartphone makers chose to integrate flexible OLED displays on their smartphones in order to make them even thinner and to enhance their durability, as the new type of screen is highly resistant to shocks.

Unfortunately, both the LG and Samsung flexible smartphones will be available in limited amounts, as neither of the two companies has the required facilities to produce sufficient amounts of flexible OLED touch panels.