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Low-cost and 3D High-end Smartphones Reportedly in the Works at Amazon

It’s been almost three years since the tech publications are speculating about an alleged Amazon smartphone and until now there was no solid proof about it. Since the online retailer has become one of the big players of the tablet segment, it would be a shame not to invest some of the profit in the development of an Amazon smartphone.

Jeff Bezons’ guys already build three Kindle Fire generations over the past three years and an Amazon smartphone would become the perfect companion for them. A new report coming from TechCrouch says that Amazon has not one, but two smartphones in the works.

The two new smartphones were detailed on Hacker News by an alleged Amazon insider, who claims that we will be dealing with a low-end handset and a 3D flagship, the later one being known internally as Smith. “The screen itself is not 3D,” said the insider, “but the front of the phone has 4 cameras placed on each corner of the phone, this is to track the user’s eyes/head and move the UI to give the impression of 3D.”

It looks like the two new Amazon smartphones will also come with an image recognition system, allowing the user to identify real-life objects then “search the Amazon.com database for similar products.”

The low-cost Amazon smartphone will reportedly become available for purchase by the end of the year, while the 3D high-end model will see the light of day next year. The technical specifications of the two Amazon smartphones are yet to be revealed.