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Make the Android Statusbar Available in Fullscreen Apps

Having to exit your applications just to activate Bluetooth or Wireless is not very ergonomic, but that problem can be solved. Smart Statusbar allows users to check the notification menu from within the fullscreen application.

The Smart Statusbar works exactly as the normal statusbar, but it’s not visible until you swipe down from the top of the screen and if you keep going, the notifications menu will show up as well, just like it should.

Users have more control over their statusbar with the Smart Statusbar application because it’s customizable. You can set the app to start on boot, turn on touch vibration feedback (so that you know when you’re touching the right spot) or modify the timeout of the notifications list.

Android Statusbar in Fullscreen Apps

There is also a paid version of the Smart Statusbar app, available for only $1.60, and it offers its users the capability to set a Timer, Stopwatch or an Alarm from your notifications menu.

Remember, the Smart Statusbar can be accessed only from fullscreen apps and it’s not available for Android 3.0+ because it’s not necessary.

Now you can access your statusbar whenever you want, without having to leave your fullscreen app. Get the Smart Statusbar app from the Google Play Store and ease your user experience on your Android phone.

As a side note – I’m astonished by the number of features and applications the new and older Android powered devices lack these days, features that I had on my old Nokia E63 are missing from some Android phones, like full Office… it’s a Smartphone for God’s sake, give me what I need.