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Microsoft Launches SkyDrive For Android

We have seen Microsoft’s SkyDrive app hitting the other two major mobile operating systems, iOS and Windows Phone, a few months ago. Now it seems that the Redmond-based company decided that iTunes App Store and Windows Phone Marketplace are not enough, thus it developed the Android version of SkyDrive.

Now available in Google Play, the SkyDrive application allows you to access all the files you uploaded in the cloud, on Microsot’s cloud storage platform, no matter what platform you used to upload the files on SkyDrive.

With the SkyDrive app for Android you can view your files, upload files in the cloud, or access your SkyDrive file using the third-party apps installed on your Android terminal. It’s worth mentioning that several files can be uploaded to SkyDrive in the same time.

Since the API the developers can use when it comes to SkyDrive support, several other applications with similar features have been created months ago. The big difference between them and the app we are talking about is that the later one wears Microsoft’s signature, this you can expect major changes over the coming weeks.

Microsoft is also preparing a significant update for their cross-platform SkyDrive app, which will bring access to the Recycle Bin folder, similar to the feature that is already available for the PC app.

Microsoft still hopes that its SkyDrive will be able to compete against Dropbox or Google’s Drive, thus the company is trying to lure more users in any way.