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Minuum Keyboard, the One-row Alternative for Your Android device

Writing on a touch screen device is still a problem for many users. There are still a lot of potential smartphone customers out there who still don’t want to use a full touch smartphone because they can’t get rid of the physical keyboard. There are a several virtual keyboard alternatives for smartphones and tablets, but most of them follow the same philosophy and take pretty much space on the display.

The Minuum Keyboard Project wants to bring a radical change in the business. You will find out more after taking a look at the video below.

The Minuum Keyboard is based on a standard QWERTY keyboard, but the keys are not arranged on three rows and nine columns any more, but on a single row. The letters of the QWERTY keyboard are taken from the columns and arranged QAZ WSX EDC, etc. The biggest advantage of the Minuum keyboard is that it frees space from your display. Another advantage is that it can be easily resized.

It will be efficient even on a smartphone with a smaller display, if oriented in portrait mode. Actually, the Minuum keyboard it can be implemented on many other devices, on tactile supports of different sizes.

Minuum depends pretty much on the hardware that is running the app, or the operating system that supports it. Minuum is based almost exclusively on prediction, so the users doesn’t have to be very careful where it touches the display. The virtual buttons are emulated, but the serve more as orientation for the user. The Minuum keyboard can be implemented on a device with movement sensors, like a watch, ring, or bracelet.

In terms of development, the Minuum keyboard is currently in prototype stage for iOS and Android. The developers of the new keyboard are estimating that the first Beta releases will be available for Android as of Q1 2014.

Minuum Keyboard is a project promoted on Indiegogo.com website, and those interested can contribute for its development.