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Moto G Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Update Reportedly Being Pushed to Users

Over the past couple of weeks, Google rolled out the Android 5.0.1 update for their supported Nexus smartphones and tablets. Now we are hearing that the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update is rolling out for the Moto G 1st and 2nd generation.

As you may know already, the Moto G Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update will only bring minor changes, but you would definitely want it installed on your handset. Just like any major OS update, Lollipop arrived with a few bugs and Android 5.0.1 is set to fix many of them. For the time being there’s no official changelog available for the Moto G Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update. In fact, there’s no word from Motorola that the new firmware is being rolled out. Just some users reporting that the new update is hitting their devices.

According to the users who already received the update, the Android 5.0.1 update for Moto G 1st gen has system version 220.21.25 and build number LXB22.46-25, while the update for Moto G 2nd gen has system version 22.21.25 and build number LXB22.46-25. You should expect the update to weigh in at below 50 MB, so it’s safe to download it using your mobile data connection without doing to much damage to your data plan.

The Moto G Android 5.0.1 Lollipop OTA update is being pushed to users in stages, which means that some of you would have to wait longer than others. After your terminal becomes eligible to receive the new firmware you should be able to notice a system update message in the notifications bar. Tap on it, choose ‘Download now’, wait until the download is completed, then select ‘Install now’ your smartphone should reboot and install the update. In case the system update notification failed to appear, you would also want to perform a manual check under Settings > About phone > System updates > Check for updates.

Are there any Moto G 1st gen or Moto G 2nd gen owners reading this? Have you guys received Android 5.0.1 on your device? Please let your fellow Moto G owners in comments.

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  • dj

    not received yet

  • drev

    So many places reporting this but very few people actually confirming…

    • Coleman Robertson


      • shandog

        I live in Los Angeles and I’m upating now. Total size of update is 400.5 MB. Finally it’s here!!!

        • David Thomas

          1st or 2nd gen moto G all so do you have the XT1064 ?

          • shandog

            2nd Gen

        • cstidem

          400.5 MB?? And I saw from Motorola themselves that it would be a little less than 50

          • shandog

            Update is for 5.0.1. I never received 5.0 update. Went from 4.4.4 -> 5.0.1

          • Neil Urman

            Yea, going directly to 5.0.1 because of an update they added after the release of 5.0.0.

        • Stanley

          I’m in Texas got lollipop today moto g 2nd Gen

        • Doss

          heard anyone updating on New Jersey ???

  • aakash

    Nthg here in india for gen 1 xt 1033

  • fdcj

    I ain’t get lollipop let alone this

  • Bijit

    not yet for Moto G (2014) in India

  • Ramon

    No update Moto G 1st Gen in America

  • Baladhara Ishaya Dennis Phelan

    Yes I received an alert to download the lollipop
    on my recently purchased Moto EXT ..second generation phone. Have not downloaded it as of yet. Received notice on 12- 19- 2014.

  • Aj

    no not yet i have the 2nd gen

  • Ashley

    Still haven’t received the lollipop update for my CDMA Verizon moto g (1st generation) idk what’s going on. If anyone knows why I haven’t got the update yet please lemme know.

    • handy

      Mee too

  • rabbit

    no update to 5.0.1. Status is at 5.0

  • FritosTheSwagMuffin

    Its only for the 1st gen Google Play Edition, 1st gen in India, and 2nd gen if you had received it before it was pulled back.

  • Srking

    Fake news

  • dilesh.pillai

    On 2nd Jan date of release for moto g in india

    • Sahil

      How do u knw?

    • Lakshay Vashishth

      How did you know this?

    • Jayanth Agaram

      Are you sure?
      For both 1st and 2nd generation in India?

  • Nicolas Scialpi

    I’m a Moto g 1st gen (2013) user it hasn’t came to mine or my sisters device she has the same gen and we don’t the google play edition just regular moto g 1st gen (2013) xt1032 210.12.41 and we still have update 4.4.4 kikat

  • tushar

    Yet not get any update: (

  • kapil agiwal

    No lollipop in India for Moto G 2nd Gen Xt 1068

  • Doss

    i got the US Moto G 1st gen…nothing came till nw…waiting for ages….i check manually 100 times a day…moto can give a fixed date so that we dont have to wait…they suck

    • Arun kumar Pradhan

      yes they should give a fixed date about the update…

    • Abheesht Shrey

      Mee too check manually its difficult to wait for lolipop

    • cstidem

      I’m always checking mine too and I’m tired of seeing the same old “your device’s software is up to date”

    • Bobby Kincannon

      I agree

  • Aarthi

    I didn’t get lollipop update for moto g 1st gen.

  • jesse

    Everyone this is not true unless you hear it from Motorola only Motorola will let everyone know when the update will be push out to everyone.

    • cstidem

      Yeah and by the time they told us the world will be ending by then

    • BarBear

      The update is real, I got it today morning

  • mortew

    Nothing came to my moto g us

  • amit

    its for soak test users guys…..these sites are not giving full information.

  • Rishabh

    Moto G 1 gen user… waiting waiting waiting.!!

  • Mimi

    Have not received on my Moto G Second Generation that I have with Consumer Cellular! When will I get it?

  • Vicky Ramakanta

    I am waiting since last month.. Still didn’t get any update.. From India.. I have moto G1st gen

  • ryan

    Guys, you all might have to wait for next year because of 5.0.2

  • shubham Sinha

    What is going on man from Nov. 15 and till date we watching that every day u say””” hey lollipop update released to motorola “””‘. U have a tech site and u should provide right information ……… And first tell us from you get this news ……

    • ajaipaulose

      They are sock test versions. It will get released once, the feedback is good.

  • Phil Harrison

    Still on kitkat 🙁

  • ishaan

    I did not get the update. I have moto g 2nd generation and my model number is XT1068

  • ACP

    I have moto g 2nd gen in India
    Nothing till now
    Don’t know what Motorola is doing?

  • Dardend

    Just got the Moto G 2nd Gen, sadly there’s no update for me at the moment. I’m waiting anxiously for the update to arrive. Pray that it will be extraordinary.

  • RS

    Hi.. I didn’t get any updates on my mobile. I have moto g 2nd gen.. But one month only news, didn’t get any updates

  • aayush

    Moto G 1st gen. No update yet. I have heard that most of the features don’t work on Lollipop as of now, so I am not fussing over it.

  • sagar

    Me too waiting for aneroid 5 update for motog 2nd gen,
    But phn says that system is update till date 🙁

  • vin

    Site loosing its credibility.. No comment reported update on moto g 1 gen in India

  • Apurv

    Got it!

    I’ve been using MotoG for a year now, first gen. I got my phone from UK before it was launched in India. I got the update a week back.

    Seems like Google is rolling out the updates in stages, as another MotoG I bought along with this one from UK itself hasn’t recieved the update so far.

    Anyway. I’m enjoying the new lollipop.

    • Badelhas

      Do you notice any difference in smoothness, battery life, etc? What’s your opinion on it?

    • BillyBilo

      Which system languages are included in Lollipop on Moto G 1st gen? Is Slovenš?ina among them? Thx!

    • Naz

      Hey how much is the update size ???

      • BarBear

        it was around 400 mb for me since i never got 5.0 and i went straight to 5.0.1

    • Vojt?ch Navrátil

      Does it contains more languages in this Lollipop build such as Czech, Slovakian etc?

    • sutinderpal

      I’ve got the same phone from UK but in India I don’t get the update when ever I check

  • Dharani

    One of the way to market themselves. Moto and android geeks. 🙁

  • arindam

    I’m also waiting fr d new lollypop upgrade but whenever searching it says ur phne is already updated 🙁

    • Brendon

      Do you have the 1st or 2nd version?
      Because if you have the 1st version, mine says the same thing.
      And I’m thinking… I WANT THE UPDATE NOW!!! Lol

  • please

    No Lollipop update, however, I did get a unicorn (Starting to sound more plausible than this update arriving)

  • Brendon

    I have the 1st gen Moto G from the U.S. And I still haven’t got anything yet!!! I guess we just have to be patient….
    But at this point, I’m not! Lol
    But, I know that I have too!

  • Anthony

    I have the Moto G 1st Gen O2 UK, no update :/

    • Tiger Tim

      Same here, still on 4.4.4 on my Moto G 1st gen O2 UK 🙁
      Lollipop landed on my Nexus 10 a few weeks ago and it’s great 🙂

  • Rexton

    all these days kids were asking “I want lollipop”. now a days all adults started asking for lollipop too 😀

  • Manish Koirala

    i got Moto G 1st Gen from US . not sigle notification arrtived yet about lollipop udpate.

  • SamB

    UK MotoG 2nd Gen here and still on KitKat.

  • ajaipaulose

    They have released soak test version in india. Its for registered users who have give their consent for Motorola feed back network. I think stable version will be released to other users, once the feed back is good.

  • Harshit Shah

    no there is no lolopop upadate plz fix this

  • Alex

    I have the moto g 2nd gen. I live in the UK and still haven’t got an update.


    Moto G 1gen india,chennai…no signs of update yet keep checking for an hour for last 1 week..feel sad…thought of having lollipop before the night of christmas…….. 🙁

  • Frederico Andrade

    Yea, since November when Motorola said that Moto G receive the new Android I started to check in my phone more than 50 times a day and until now nothing….

  • Limediepie

    I didn’t get the 5.0 update leave alone 5.0.1. But I’ve read somewhere that moto g 2013 would be directly getting the 5.0.1 update rather than the 5.0 I have also been pestering the moto agents lately for some information about the update but they give the same answer to every question saying ” we appreciate your interest in our devices. Please check the Motorola website. ” I just hope they start rolling out the update soon.

  • belizeur louis beliard

    I have notorola moto g 2gn..and not even androi
    d l.. I check everytime.:( so help me please I am from dominican republic

  • Simar

    Moto g 2nd gen didn’t get the lollipop update in India? When will it get?

  • Avik

    I’m in India with g2 xt1068. Yet to receive an update. Has anyone been able to install moto update services app from play store? It mentions my device is incompatible.

  • rohit anand

    I use the moto g 2nd gen. Have’t got the bloody update yet!!!!????

  • Jayakrishnan

    I have the moto g 2nd gen. I live in the UK and still haven’t got an update.

  • Aura

    I haven’t received the update nor heard about anyone getting it here on Brazil. Moto G 1st Gen. XT1033

  • hezza

    Nothing in the uk for 4g 1st gem

  • ajayAjay

    Build no KXB21.85-23
    System version – 21.11.23
    My mobile model Moto G 2nd gen XT1068XT1068
    I did not get my update yet. I’m checking daily but system s upto date. 🙁

  • SJH

    Having Moto G 2nd generation, and no lollipop update till now.

  • Tom

    I can’t even get 5.0 on my Moto E!? 🙁

  • Alex

    No I’m using moto g 2014. Till now I haven’t received any update from motorola

  • gulok

    Waiting for moto g 2nd gen L update almost two months in india . Dnt knw exact date.

  • Elijah Kelley

    Haven’t got any update ????

  • Coleman Robertson

    I have a moto g 2nd gen 2014 and I am stuck on 4.4.4 no lollipop for me yet… Motarola apologizes but does nothing to get it to me. We can only wait and see I guess.

  • Saw

    This comment section proves once again how stupid and brainless people are. Guys, please consider not going online ever again. Thanks.

  • nt

    I’ve got the Moto G 1st gen in the UK and still don’t have it, how much longer do we have to wait!?

  • bala

    Build no~KXB21.14-L1.40
    When will it get lollipop udate??
    (I didn’t recieve 5.0 also!)

  • Kunta Mehta

    Nothing on my MOTO G 2 in India…..

  • rohit

    These are all fake news ! No moto g in India has yet received the update

  • Amar Ilindra

    I installed manually by rooting my device and it looks really kool

  • kiran

    I have lost my hope, I am trying to tell myself that don’t wait updates are not coming.

  • aks

    No update for my moto g 1st gen in India……I m checking for it daily at least 10 times……..don’t give any fake news………

  • syed

    i gt a moto g…it wil tk sm time….only Moto x has been receiving 5.0 from 19 dec in India….u can select moto x on the official site and see…from this i think rest will get in Jan…

  • I bought a 2014 Moto G from Best Buy and I’m still waiting for Lollipop, 5.0 Anyone know what the trigger is here?

  • Dylan

    I’ve been checking almost every day and I check my Google now for news on it. It would be nice to have it. I’ve followed this since I’ve heard of it and I still have to wait for it to come to my moto G first gen.

  • Jerry Cai

    I just got it. I have the moto g 2nd gen U.S unlocked.

    • David Thomas

      Did you have android 4.4.4 still at the time be for you upgrade to android 5.0.1 all so do you have XT1064? All so where you from in the USA?

  • David Thomas


  • Sakshi Grover

    Moto G2 user, still waiting..!!!!!!!

  • Cristian Ordonez

    I have a moto g xt1031 in the US and no updates yet..

  • anvay jukar

    I haven’t even got 5.0 -_-

  • MAx

    MOTO G 1st gen. Lolipop was pushed to my set last saturday. I wish it would never happaned :-((

  • Kevin Henneborn

    Moto g second gen here. Nothing yet in Florida / AT&T

  • Jay koshti

    Moto g 1 gen no update in India…….:(

  • BarBear

    I received the update today. Android Version 5.0.1. Finally, been waiting for a month and checking everyday was starting to become a pain. Hold on guys, the update is beautiful, I promise it won’t disappoint. 🙂

    • BarBear

      I have a second gen moto g

  • Dave

    I’ve got the second gen and I haven’t even received 5.0.0. My bro has had it on his nexus 5 for almost 4 weeks now. I chose the moto g 2nd gen as its OS is similar to stock android. Why have I not gotten my update yet?

  • David Thomas

    The update comes in waves. You will get the update vary soon this keep checking am still waiting for mine

  • Ty

    I’ve got it on my 1st gen Moto G

    • daniel

      Could you tell me, what kind of set do you have?

  • Gee Wiz

    I got a moto g(1st gen) and haven’t received a update yet

  • Riccardo

    Moto G 2 gen, still KitKat from Italy

  • Robertino238

    Just got Google Lollipop,very sweat.Moto G second Edition. Dec.23

  • ed

    Got update very cool so far smooth and still quick

  • Josh

    got the g 2nd gen and no update so far not for lollipop 🙁

  • ragul yadav

    nothing for moto g 2……..frustrating

  • Krish

    Is this update for India? If , I still haven’t received it.

    Moto G 2Gen

  • subbu

    I have not received any update for my moto g xt1033 mobile

  • Akash

    No Lollipop update for Moto G (1st and 2nd gen) in India yet.

  • Sahil

    I have moto g 1st gen indian dual sim version it didnt received lollipop ???? yet so badd it is people are flashing Brazilian ota

  • Britnig

    Gen 2 UK no joy as yet. Getting old now.

  • Caseyjp11

    US 2nd gen. Got mine. 5.01 and its awesome. 🙂 (Denver area). Purchased unlocked. Running via metropcs.

  • Marco

    I have a EU first gen Moto G (live in the Netherlands), still no update to Lollipop unfortunately. Why does it have to take so long?

  • Rohit Kashyap

    My XT1033 (moto g 1st gen india) has not even received lollipop update yet !

  • Guest

    Hey guys I have a shocking news for all moto users that lollipop update will come after 2 or more months as lollipop update is crash every time and motorola trying to get ready as soon as possible …. Via marketing member of motorola India
    I watched myself that phone was crashing constantly ….. I AM SHOCKED BY WATCHING THIS GUYS

  • Neil Urman

    It will come, be patient. Heck, I mean if Shubham Sinha’s post is correct and Motorolas are crashing after the update, wouldn’t you want the updated version that will be released without the crashing? I would. I mean, who updates Windows as soon as the new versions come out?

    • please

      Well Windows doesn’t completely screw up external storage solutions when they update an OS unlike Google, so with Microsoft I’d be more patient. The way these manufacturers carry on with months long delays every single time you’d think they are the ones writing the Android OS from scratch. And if Google and manufacturers keep this nonsense up it won’t be a real stretch of the imagination seeing myself cutting loose of the BS and getting a Nokia device.

  • Geeky Ranjit

    I got the update! Finally! Thank you Motorola

    Jkjk.. They will never roll it out at the rate their going

  • David Thomas

    Well has any one else on here today got android 5.0.1 upgrade on XT1064 has not here from any one from the last 7hrs or so

  • Sreenivasa Reddy

    When we can update lolipop 5.0.1?

    • David Thomas

      It’s all ready rolling out now has a few user on here has all ready reported getting it so this keep a eye out for it this keep checking

  • Doss

    Anyone got update who lives in New Jersey??
    I got it from there but living in dubai now…when will I get 🙁

    • David Thomas

      When it is ready you will get the update

  • nabu

    Moto G 2nd gen….
    Checking many times in a day…but there is no update……
    Nothing in india….

  • dipak

    I got the lollipop on moto g 1st gen ypieee

  • [TFTW] Mr.Trollinski

    my moto g 2nd gen STILL HASNT EVEN GOTTEN 5.0.0!

  • Caseyjp11

    And upgrade is going to need an upgrade. There is a memory leak, and google has confirmed it and so has my phone. Works fine for several hours and then starts to slug out badly to the point where a power cycle is the only solution to the problem.

  • Dirk_silvolde

    If I click on system update, then let my phone: your device is up to date.But otherwise I don’t. Can someone help me?

  • tired of waiting

    Moto G 1st gen. Still no update..

  • Armando Perez

    I live in Los Angeles, ,CA, USA, and own a Moto G XT1033. I have yet to get any update at all to 5.0. I’m still running Kit Kat 4.4.4. I check for system updates all the time, but nothing. Also, I bought my phone unlocked and brand new, and use it with a prepaid service.

  • Iampissedoff

    I am a 1st gen user and am still on 4.4.4

  • Ajay

    Yes have
    5.02 running

  • robert snoddy

    Uk moto g 2013 user. No sign of any lollipop????

  • madhu

    I got the India MOTO G 1st Gen update for the build no KXB21

  • No update in the UK yet for Xt1032 MOTO G on vodafone contract.
    Don’t really care about aesthetics, but there are a number of severe vulnerabilities out in the wild for any stock Android below 5.0.
    These are :

    Motorola Xt1032 (Motorola)

    Android 4.4.4 Build KXB21.14-L1.40

    English/United Kingdom (en_GB)

    Security Advisor v1.0.25

    Last scan: 25 Jan 2015 13:48:58

    Vulnerable software: 1

    Total Vulnerabilities: 4

    Vulnerable Software

    Android OS / version 4.4.4

    Vulnerabilities: 4

    Severity: 3 High, 1 Low

    Severity: 7.5, CVE-2014-8507

    Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in the queryLastApp method in
    packages/WAPPushManager/src/com/android/smspush/WapPushManager.java in
    the WAPPushManager module in Android before 5.0.0 allow remote attackers
    to execute arbitrary SQL commands, and consequently launch an activity
    or service, via the (1) wapAppId or (2) contentType field of a PDU for a
    malformed WAPPush message, aka Bug 17969135.

    Severity: 7.2, CVE-2014-7911

    luni/src/main/java/java/io/ObjectInputStream.java in the java.io.ObjectInputStream
    implementation in Android before 5.0.0 does not verify that
    deserialization will result in an object that met the requirements for
    serialization, which allows attackers to execute arbitrary code via a
    crafted finalize method for a serialized object in an ArrayMap Parcel
    within an intent sent to system_service, as demonstrated by the finalize
    method of android.os.BinderProxy, aka Bug 15874291.

    Severity: 7.2, CVE-2014-8609

    The addAccount method in
    src/com/android/settings/accounts/AddAccountSettings.java in the
    Settings application in Android before 5.0.0 does not properly create a
    PendingIntent, which allows attackers to use the SYSTEM uid for
    broadcasting an intent with arbitrary component, action, or category
    information via a third-party authenticator in a crafted application,
    aka Bug 17356824.

    Severity: 3.3, CVE-2014-8610

    AndroidManifest.xml in Android before 5.0.0 does not require the
    SEND_SMS permission for the SmsReceiver receiver, which allows attackers
    to send stored SMS messages, and consequently transmit arbitrary new
    draft SMS messages or trigger additional per-message charges from a
    network operator for old messages, via a crafted application that
    broadcasts an intent with the com.android.mms.transaction.MESSAGE_SENT
    action, aka Bug 17671795.

    If Vodafone doesnt pull the finger out , i might cut loose and #sudo (root) my device = move to Cyanogen Mod ROM.

    any suggestions anyone???

  • boss

    Did anyone get the update for 1st gen in Florida??

  • ALi

    i updated my moto g 1st gen to lollypop and wtf it slowed down my phone. It started hanging making calls without my knowledge … All these really irritated me enough to search around is there any way out to degrade it. If anyone of you’ll know how to degrade android version please do contact me at spykar_cool_me@yahoo.com

    • Ali

      your help would be highly appreciated

  • Satyajit

    No update in my moto g 1st gen yet… Not sure what to do… Any suggestions?

  • vilocka

    It’s been notifiying me for a week, then I clicked yes 2 days ago…every since my phone is not working. It just has pop up windows saying: ” Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped”….and so on…everything is unfortunately…So I cant make phone calls, can’t access my phone at all, nor camera, nor storage :*( Tried to connect it to my PC, to at least get my pictures and info off it, doesnt get recognised by my PC now either :((( Sooo sad, and plus I’m on holiday, so cant even take it back for another 2 weeks to the shop I bought it in 🙁 Absolutely messed up and it will probably cost me money now to have it fixed abroad, so I can use it at least 🙁

  • vilocka

    oh mine is a 2nd Gen 5″ Moto G XT1068

  • Jonathan

    Motorola Moto G EXT (2nd. Generation Moto G) through Consumer Cellular. US version. Still running KitKat 4.4.4. Emailed Consumer Cellular to find out when the release would be, and was told that they still have not received the OS package from Motorola.

  • John

    First Gen LTE, down in Florida with Cricket…. No update past 4.4.4 as of now

  • notrick

    I can see an update available. But When I download it, the download remains at 0% for whole night.