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Moto G Release Date in US Delayed Until December 17

Late November, the folks at Motorola said that the recently-introduced Moto G would debut on the US market on December 4, earlier than the January release date that was announced originally. As, December 4 came and went and the low-cost Motorola smartphone failed to hit the US stores, the Motorola representatives alerted the customers who already placed their orders that the Moto G release date has been postponed and that the device will be released on December 17.

It seems that the reason why the Moto G release date has been pushed back is the winter storm Dion, which reportedly affected Motorola’s center based in Fort Worth, Texas. It looks like the bad weather hasn’t affected all the orders, as some of the customers received their Moto G handsets on schedule, on December 4.

If you didn’t already order the Moto G and if you are wondering whether to purchase Motorola’s low-cost smartphone, hear that for only $179 you will get a 4.3-inch HD screen, quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU, 16 GB storage, a 5 MP camera, and Android 4.3 with planned upgrade to Android 4.4.

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