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Moto X Cases Leaked to Reveal Some of Its Body Colors

We’ve found more about the Moto X this week than we had since the first rumors regarding the first smartphone co-developed by Google and Motorola hit the web in late 2012.

After the Motorola officials confirmed the existence of the Moto X a couple of weeks ago, yesterday we got to see the first Moto X add released in the wild, which confirmed the rumors saying that the smartphone will be customizable and “Made in the USA.” We also found out yesterday that the Moto X will not be a part of the Droid family that is so popular among the Verizon customers.

The details regarding the first Motorola smartphone co-developed with Google continued to surface today and after we’ve seen the Moto X sign-up page going live and that the whole “design it yourself” thing only refers to the smartphone’s design exclusively, now it’s time to have a look at the first Moto X leaked cases, which are revealing some of the body color options that will be available for the terminal.

It seems that the colorful smartphones are trending this year, and after Nokia introduced the Lumia 920 in 2012 with lots of body colors available, the rumor mill started to speculate Apple will have a similar approach for a cheaper iPhone that will come with a plastic case.

Rumor has it that Moto X will also come with a lot of body color options, sources saying that the customers will have 16 colors to choose from. Anyway, it seems that the guys at Nowhereelse.fr got their hands on three of them. The France-based website has posted a photo that reveals what it seems to be three Moto X cases: a cyan, a pink, and a purple one.

It was initially rumored that the Moto X will be a super-smartphone that be able to make the world forget about the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Well, the latest reports are suggesting otherwise, as the technical specifications of the Moto X leaked only to reveal that the super-smartphone that was born from the love of Google and Motorola will actually have the hardware platform of a mid-range Android smartphone.

Rumor has it that the Moto X will sport a 4.3-inch display with HD resolution, while being underpinned by a 1.7 GHz processor and packing 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage.

The first rumors about the Moto X were suggesting that the smartphone will be fully customizable, and besides allowing the users choose the color of the case, the Moto X customers should have been able to choose its hardware platform, too, from the amount of RAM, to processor, camera, and display size.

A Motorola official said a couple of weeks ago that the Moto X software will be “contextually aware.” What he meant by that exactly? We don’t know, but it may mean that the Moto X will not run stock Android as it was reported before, but Motorola’s own Android “contextually aware” skin.

At least some of Larry Page’s statements about the modern smartphones can give us some hints about the Moto X. The Google CEO complained that the smartphones currently available on the market are lacking battery life and they aren’t durable. Maybe Moto X will change this, and we will be dealing with a water and dust proof smartphone that packs a Droid RAZR Maxx-like battery.

Are the rumored Moto X specs enough to fit your needs? Do you care about the “Made in the USA” and “design it yourself” thing at all? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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