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Moto X Leaked Photo Reveals Its Back Design

As you probably know the Moto X is on everyone’s lips, being probably one of the most anticipated smartphones manufactured by Motorola judging by how often the handset is making the headlines. Moreover, the smartphone is already advertised by Motorola, saying that the Moto X will be “Made in the USA” and that will be highly customizable.

So far we’ve seen dozens of Moto X leaked photos hitting the web, some of them revealing its front panel, others showing us its case, but only few of them pictured the design of the smartphone’s back. Well the most recent Moto X spy shot that was posted on Weibo┬áis revealing for us how the back of the black version of the smartphone will actually look like.

As I was mentioning above, Moto X is one of the most anticipated smartphones on the market, probably because the rumor mill is speculating that Google and Motorola will implement special customization options on the new model. Give the colored Moto X cases that hit the web over the past weeks, I personally believe all this “Designed by you” fuss is more about choosing body colors and patterns, rather than be able to choose the hardware platform, contrary to what the first rumors indicated.

It’s interesting how Motorola and Google are trying to keep the upcoming Moto X away from the Nexus series and Droid family, which will make the smartphone a veritable flagship device.

The black version of the Moto X, which can see pictured above, will probably be the standard one, debuting along with a white model and several other color options that were revealed in the previous leaks. The recent Moto X leaked photo allowed us to notice that it has a curved back, especially in the middle area, which makes me believe that the terminal will have a large battery.

In fact, Google’s Larry Page complained that the modern smartphones lack battery stamina and durability and that now, after Motorola was acquired, they will try to fix these issues. Therefore, we should expect the Moto X to provide at least 48 hours of battery life and also be water and dust proof.

Even though the first rumors about the Moto X were saying that we will be dealing with a super smartphone with a veryt powerful hardware platform that will make it capable to bite a big chunk of both Samsung Galaxy S4’s and the iPhone 5S’ market share, recent reports are indicating that, in terms of technical specifications, the Moto X is rather a member of the mid-range segment.

In case you are wondering what are the rumored Moto X specs, learn that the smartphone is expected to pack a Snapdragon 400 chipset, while sporting a 4.7-inch HD display and 10 megapixel camera.

What are your expectations for the Moto X? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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