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Moto X Launches At All Four US Major Carriers on August 23

The Moto X smartphone was unveiled several days ago, but the phone maker did not provide so many details when it comes to its availability, the company only mentioning that the device will be up for purchase starting with late August.

Yesterday we learner that the Moto X will allegedly become available on August 23, and Verizon will be the first US carrier to sell it. Today, a new report belonging to online publication AdAge appears to confirm yesterday’s rumor. However, that’s not all, as it seems that Verizon will not be the only mobile network to offer the Moto X as of August 23. There are three more carriers joining the party, namely AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Of course, the information has not become official yet, and the website says the tip came from the usual “people familiar with the matter”, so we suggest that you take this with a little grain of salt. Nevertheless, if this turns out to be true, than we’ll be seeing the Moto X in the shelves of all four major US carriers starting August 23.

While this is good news for the subscribers of all four carriers, it looks like only the people who will buy the phone from AT&T will get to customize the handset themselves. It appears that the full customization options will be offered exclusively by AT&T until November, when the rest of the major carriers will enter the program.

Normally I wouldn’t trust this report because AdAge is not specialized it tech news, its main focus being on marketing and advertising. However, the site has a good reputation, that even got speak with Motorola’s Mike Wallace just before the Moto X announcement, so there is a big chance that the report is accurate.

Returning to the carriers that will offer the handset, Verizon has announced that its customers will enjoy Moto Maker “later this year”, while T-Mobile and Sprint made to comments regarding the matter. In case you want tot buy the Moto X from either of the three networks, you will only be able to acquire the backs and white color options, at least until early November.

In case you don’t know what Moto Maker is, it’s actually a web application that allows customers to customize their devices by choosing from various customization options such the color of the back cover, front plate, etc.