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Motorola DROID RAZR M Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA Update Available from Verizon

The KitKat soak tests for the Motorola Droid RAZR M were completed and now Verizon will begin to roll out the official Android 4.4.2 firmware build for all users.

Keep an eye on your phone’s notification panel in the next few days to apply the update installation immediately after it reaches your region. The update will be released in stages and it will bring a revamped user interface along with tons of great features that will make your Droid RAZR M smartphone look better than before.

Verizon should start the Android 4.4 Update roll out soon enough and the major improvements added are as following: full screen immersive mode, white status bar icons, new status bar design, improved app drawer, better security, Hangouts app will replace the Google Talk app, improved WiFi, support for selecting a default SMS application, Droid Zap 2.0, tweaked HDMI connection, emoji support, better battery life and tons of other small changes.

Droid RAZR M has been officially released in September 2012 with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich as its default OS, but since then it was updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now, Verizon and Motorola decided that the 1GB RAM-based device is capable of running the KitKat firmware as fast as it did before with the previous Jelly Bean builds. Your device should get all new firmware update files soon enough.

If your RAZR M on Verizon runs on a custom ROM, then the official update notification will not be delivered as you will need to restore your smartphone to stock Android before being able to update it to a new OS.

Motorola DROID RAZR M packs a 4.3 Super AMOLED screen, 540 x 960 resolution, 1GB RAM, a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset, 8MP rear-facing camera, VGA front camera, removable 2000 mAh battery, Adrenop 225 GPU, 8GB storage space that can be expanded with a 32GB external micro SD.

Wait for the official update notification to arrive on your device and then simply confirm the updating process to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. After your update your Motorola Droid RAZR M you should tell us in comments how is the latest Android firmware working on your device and if you found any bugs while testing it.

If the update doesn’t arrive today, then you shouldn’t worry as it will be released in stages and it will eventually be sent to your phone.

Motorola Droid RAZR Articles

  • nal

    I removed a bunch of system applications, will the update still work

    • Corey

      NO. Use House of Moto to flash back to a stock ROM and then do the update.

  • know your phone specs geeks

    Ummm… Just a little note. The razr m does NOT have a removable battery. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and just mark that up as a typo.

    Can’t wait to breath new life in my razr m with kitkat!

    • Anthony Owens

      How long does the update take because my razr m has been updating for about twenty minutes

    • Anthony Owens

      How long did it take

  • I am downloading it right now i will keep you guys posted im on custom rom and it is downloading without stock flash

    It is gonna be awhile its at 20% and its been 5 minutes and im on my wifi which only has my phone connected XD JKJK

  • 39%

  • 42%


  • Dee

    Didn’t receive many enhancements. Was looking forward to phone app update, but it looks the same.

  • Anthony Owens

    How long does it take for the update to completely update because my phone is still on the Motorola sign

  • Kevin B

    Apparently, it does not support Office 365 or enterprise email the same way as the previous version. It is requiring some sort of extreme administrator rights that will delete all data on the phone and lock out camera, text and Bluetooth. WTF? How I have to spend more time with tech support to figure out how to get my email working again.


    I get an error after the phone reboots, I wonder what the reason.

    Some information about it.

  • bethk

    I got my update today and lost swype texting and my home button doesnt work any more…

    • SM22

      I lost my swype too….and now I can’t even get Handcent to work as my texting app. What are you using?

      • Brendan

        Download Google keyboard. It has a Swype feature on it

        • SM22

          Can ytou tell me what app your using to text messaging? The one I had won’t work after the update.

          • Brendan

            I use Google hangout

  • Bruce Thompson

    I’ve got an XT926 and the kit kat update was available to me this morning; however, the update failed to load. Tried several times. Now when I check for system updates, it says my phone is updated, so I guess they took it down? Any word?

  • nefnm .

    Really???? who blew smoke up your a$$? what a piece of S4!t..totally destroyed my razr m. lost multiple apps, most of my settings, ringtones, notifications, the calendar etc…. turned off damn near everthing. this phone out of the box was more functional than what i was left with after this worhtless update. this so called soak had to be the freekin developers in a bottle of booze…

  • jerry

    I have the xt926 the droid HD did the update this morning everything seems to work perfect phone is quicker battery much better

  • EGruberman

    Performed the update today…can no longer connect to wifi networks…not happy…

  • tavyn

    It changed a few things bar at the top settings phone txting keyboard. It added battery drain, enhance Sound. And lots of better stuff.

    • tavyn

      But I hate the battery part

  • Sean

    Does everyone with a Droid RAZR M get the update or is the soak test like a beta? My phone keeps saying try again later. My friend’s RAZR M received the update.

  • bonzomatic

    I got the notice to update, but when I would click the OK button, nothing would happen. I have been wanting to do a hard reset due to sluggishness lately so I did that and now when I try to check for updates it says I need to create a Motorola service account. When I try to do that, it just spins and spins saying it’s “Communicating with server. Please wait…”, but nothing ever happens. I guess I’m just not going to have KitKat.

    • Steven Parker

      You are lucky, it is awful.

      • bonzomatic

        I finally got it, and I agree. I’m not impressed at all.

  • Bob

    updated last night now I can no longer swipe , notifications only work part time , hate the black and grey screens and the email program is more complex. More steps to navigate etc etc wish I could switch back .

  • hbdr2008

    My Razr M (XT907) updated this morning. Only noticeable differences are the messaging layout (not a big fan) and new keyboard layout (they moved characters all over the place!) However, one of the original stock icons no longer fits in its box/field (the word “Messaging” below the text icon only reads “Messagin”). Phone has also claimed all day that more updates are available (& downloading), but when I check it keeps saying “Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.” Seems half baked to me.

  • Rkrchris

    Does this mean will also be getting the camera battery draining bug?? D: Cuz kitkat 4.4.3 is been made to fix the bug but this will be the last update for Razrs line for sure…. idk whats better, to update or stay with the old one….

  • Peggy Knedler

    My contacts are all messed up, phone numbers with the wrong contacts. I can’t dial the phone from my contacts.

  • aecrox

    Not a fan of this update: lost Swype and had to download a new keyboard from Google, Contacts no longer has the alphabet in the margin so you have to scroll through all your contacts to find someone instead of just choosing the letter you need, text messaging background is white and much harder to see from whom new texts have been received, lost ringtones, it uninstalled apps, shall I go on?

  • onowic

    not a fan… used handset sms before for some texting. it seems new version droid you can only use one texting app. the droid app has no quick reply abilities. before i could use three texting apps. verizons app, handset hms and the one that came with the droid originally. contact list doesn’t show alphabet on side as before. i wish i could turn back time i would not have installed.

  • Tina Bowman

    hmm.. my update did not give me the removable battery but I am thinking that is a typo. I am not a fan of the white notifications or the new look of the texts.. also my notification light change from green to white. I would prefer they give us an option to customize.

  • Kai

    This update totally ruined my RAZR m. Many of my apps no longer open. When people call me I can hear their ringtones but have no option to open and answer the call. Same with my alarms in yhe morning; the ringtone goes off with no way to solence it other than restarting my phone. I have a blank screen showing only the notification bar for 20+ minutes after I restart my phone. I’ve tried a factory reset but it did nothing. I am very unhappy with this update and will probably be forced to get another phone since I can’t even use this one to make calls or send texts.

  • jeff

    my wifes phone got the update earlier this week. she hates it!!!!!! her phone can no longer connect via bluetooth to her car. she cannot connect wi-fi to our home network. BIG MISTAKE! how can we roll-back to the old release??????????