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Motorola Droid Ultra Poses for the Camera in White Livery

The Motorola smartphones are making the headlines lately, as lots of leaks hit the web, most of them referring to highly anticipated Moto X. Still, it looks like the Chicago-based company is planning to launch several other smartphones this year, new members of the Droid family. Rumor has it that besides the Moto X, a Droid Ultra, a Droid Maxx, and a Droid Mini are in the works.

There aren’t many details regarding the Motorola Droid Ultra, but a picture of the smartphone has recently hit the web, courtesy of XDA-Developers member xavierk75. It seems that we are dealing with a Motorola Droid Ultra prototype as the “Motorola Confidential Property” inscription lays on one side, meaning that the final version might be a little bit different.

As usual, the Droid Ultra will be launched on the US market through Verizon, along with two other models, Droid Maxx and Droid Mini. The technical specifications of the Droid Ultra are yet unknown, but there are some speculations saying that the handset will have a kevlar body. The leaked photo also reveals that the Droid Ultra will have three Android-specific capacitive buttons underneath its display, even though Google has a preference for the on-screen software buttons.

Even though the Motorola Droid terminals are pretty popular in the US, especially among the Verizon customers, the international variants are not that successful on markets like Europe or Asia, mostly because they didn’t receive aggressive marketing campaigns.

Anyway, I am expecting the Moto X to be Motorola’s main attraction this year, but if the price and the technical specifications are right the members of the Droid tribe might also help the Chicago-based company become one of the big players of the smartphone market in the coming years.

Personally, I’m a bit confused about this Droid Ultra and Moto X thing. For the time being, the Droid smartphones were the flagship devices of the Chicago-based phone maker, and now that the Moto X will be in the spotlight what will happen with the Droid Ultra.

Will Motorola launch two flagships in the same time? If so, then the Droid Ultra and the Moto X will have similar technical specs. If the Moto X is the only flagship, then Droid Ultra’s specs should be somewhere below X Phone’s.┬áSince the rumored technical specs of the Moto X are looking more like the ones of a mid-ranger, how will the Droid Ultra be placed on the market?