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Motorola Droid Ultra, Ultra Maxx, and Ultra M Getting Ready for Launch at Verizon

While the phone makers are doing their best to keep their upcoming products a secret until the official launch, the carriers are not worried about that stuff, apparently. People have been able to access a product page for the Droid Ultra for a whole day on Verizon’s website.

A few days ago we learner from @evleaks that Motorola and Verizon are preparing to launch the Razr Ultra and Razr Ultra M, but it looks like the mobile operator is going to drop the Razr branding, and embrace Ultra instead, according to sources cited by online publication Droid Life. The news is also confirmed by a second tweet coming from @evleaks. Unfortunately, the Maxx branding will be further used.

If we put all things together, three different handsets will be soon launched, namely the Droid Ultra, Droid Ultra M, and Droid Ultra Maxx.

Returning to the actual product page, the carrier presents the Droid Ultra as a thin smartphone. Sadly, the phone itself was not displayed on the product page, but Verizon did added a description, according to which, the Droid Ultra will be sold in “bunch of glossy colors” “DuPont Kevlar body”, which will be thinner than its predecessors, but will still be very resistant.

Another interesting detail is that the product page suggests that an Otterbox case for the Droid Razr M is identical in size with the one of the Droid Ultra, which means that the two devices have the identical matching measurements, or it could simply mean that the page is not yet ready and updated for the Droid Ultra.

When it comes to the Ultra M and Ultra Maxx, there are no details concerning their specs or release dates. However, the Ultra M is expected to have a 4.5-inch display that won’t include the most amazing hardware, while the Ultra Maxx is going to resemble the Droid Ultra, but it will probably be coming with a larger battery.