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Motorola Launches Moto X Sign-up Page

If you visit Motorola’s official website you’ll notice a Moto X phone sign up page. Unfortunately, there are no details about the smartphone available for now. However, if you sign up, you will be receiving information about the X Phone on your email account as soon as the company will be willing to offer more details about its upcoming device. Sadly, details about the handset is all you are going to get for now, and a I know how frustrating it can be for the individuals who plan to buy the Moto X. I mean, they could at least show an image or something.

The page itself looks very familiar because it resembles the ad we saw the other day. It simply says that the device will be manufactured in the US and the customers will be able to customize it.

Motorola confirmed the X Phone a month ago at the D11 conference, but the company didn’t reveal any technical specifications and features nor did it show a photo with the handset. And Even though the Moto X phone sign up page is now available, the case has not changed as we still don’t have any official details about the smartphone. The certain thing is that Motorola and Google are focusing on the “assembled in the USA” part, especially now on July 4. They want to gather as much attention as possible.

Also related to the X Phone, yesterday we heard that the handset will not be sold by Verizon under the Droid name, and the phone will be available at other US carriers such as AT&T, Sprint and U.S. Cellular. The are more unconfirmed details we’ve heard these days such as the contextual awareness features and language processing capabilities.

We also know that the Moto X Phone will be released sometime this summer in the US as well as internationally, thus Google will probably unveil the device in the following weeks.