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Motorola Nexus 5 Release Date Tipped for Q4 2013

It seems that the Motorola Nexus 5 release date has been scheduled for Q4. Yes, you’ve heard right. A Motorola Nexus 5, not an LG Nexus 5 like the previous rumors were suggesting.

The information is coming from +Taylor Wimberly (formerly with AndroidandMe), who has been pretty accurate with Moto X rumors in the past few weeks. Even though Wimberly doesn’t mention where did he got his information from, he writes that the Motorola Nexus will be different from the Moto X Google Play Edition.

The Motorola Nexus 5 release date checks with the rumored Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie launch. Previous rumors have suggested that Google will launch Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie along with a new Nexus smartphone in October, the same month when Android celebrates its 5th birthday.

When the Moto X was officially announced earlier this month, the Google representatives said that a Moto X Google Play Edition will be launched after the original terminal is released on the market, but it didn’t mention when the variant running stock Android will be launched. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Moto X Google Play Edition will debut synchronized with the Motorola Nexus 5, running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie out of the box.

So far, most of the sources were reporting that the Nexus 4 follow-up will be manufactured by LG, but a representative of the South Korean phone maker has dismissed the rumors, saying that LG will want to focus on improving its proprietary user interface. Still, a couple of weeks after the LG representative said that the Nexus 5 will no longer be developed by the company he works for, another LG official said that he is not ruling out the possibility of Google and LG teaming-up again for the Nexus 5.

Moreover, after LG has dismissed the G2 Google Play Edition, everyone though that the Nexus 4 successor will be developed on the platform of the freshly launched LG G2. It seems not.

Wimberly claims that Nexus 5 “is not the Moto X” keep us wondering about the terminal’s technical specifications. As you probably know, the Moto X has the likes of a mid-range smartphone, while the Nexus smartphones have always packed high-end specifications. If so, then expect the Motorola Nexus 5 to come with a full HD display and at least a Snapdragon 600 chipset, all these at an off-contract price bellow $400.

Either way, the Motorola Nexus 5 will not canalize the Moto X sales. The Moto X will still be able to attract customers with its highly-customizable design, despite the premium price, while the Nexus 5 will be proffered by the tech savvy type. What are your expectations for the Motorola Nexus 5? A huge battery, a Kevlar body, or a Moto X-like design?

  • Nexus 5: a much better battery would be nice. I expect the voice elements of Moto X to also be on Nexus 5. Might as well make it 5 inches if you are to call it Nexus 5. Low price will be important. Stick to $299. The camera’s megapixel can always go up.

  • newsjunkieintl

    Everybody knows it’s been Q4. The last 3 Nexus were released in Q4.

    And NO, LG did not deny earlier this week they were making the Nexus. They said they were not doing a Google Play edition of the G2. Two totally separate things. Don’t be surprised if LG trots out a Nexus and this whole Motorola thing (I hope) is a false rumor.

  • gregorypierce

    With Motorola building the device, my dreams of a good camera (which doesn’t mean just add more megapixels – I figured people would have learned that lesson from digital camera days) just went out the window. Expecting the same below average fare that we’ve been getting up to this point.