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Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie-powered Motorola X Phone to Sport RAZR Maxx Battery Life and Sony Camera

Google’s I/O event will take place in mid-May when the company is expected to launch its new version of Android OS called Android 5.0 key Lime Pie. Nevertheless, many people think that Google will also launch some hardware among which will reportedly be the Motorola X project, maybe some new Nexus tablets as well.

We don’t know yet if the Motorola X will be the next Nexus smartphone, but it’s highly doubtful because I don’t think that Google will risk its good relationships with its other partners. However, it looks like the Motorola X phone does exist, say reports. According to phonearena.com, site which has been in touch with a tipster called Sniggly, Google is already collaborating with Motorola in order so fix two important issues that smartphones have nowadays, meaning durability and battery life.

It seems that Motorola is working on a battery that might be able to rival its MAXX line. Also, Google wants to make a tough device that will apparently use a Kevlar chassis, also manufactured by Motorola and which is already used for its current handsets.

The same cited source claims that the battery has already been tested by using the GPS software for several hours, activity which drains the battery very quickly.

The specs of the Motorola X Phone are the pretty impressive as it will reportedly come with a 4.8-inch display, a quad-core CPU and a huge amount of internals storage space of 128GB. Even if the storage space is bigger than the one of some older laptops, it seems that the device will also feature a microSD card slot. I must admit, 128GB of internal storage is a lot to swallow, but if we take into consideration the rumored $300 with a contract at Verizon, the rumor might not be far from the truth.

Last, but not least, probably the best news is that the Motorola X will not feature one of the poor Motorola cameras. Instead, sources say that it will sport a much better one developed by Sony. This can be possible because the exclusivity that Sony had with Apple until now has drawn to an end.

Moreover, it appears that all high-end devices that will be launched this year will incorporate the Sony Exmor RS camera sensor. The reason may be that the snesor includes hardwired HDR capabilities in both pictures and video mode, and it also occupies less space inside a smartphone. The only phone maker that will probably not use Sony’s camera is LG. The source mentioned by gsmarena.com says that the camera on the Motorola X Phone is almost ready, and there are only a few issues to take care of.

In conclusion, these are just rumors. There is no confirmed news so far, but there is still time to find out about Google’s and Motorola’s plans before May.