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Motorola X Phone Confirmed By LinkedIn Job Listing

In May 2012 Google CEO Larry Page officially announced that the search engine giant signed a deal to acquire Motorola’s mobile division. Later the same year, The Wall Street Journal was writing that the two companies are working closely on developing a new smartphone and tablet, codenamed X Phone and X Tablet.

Even so, others believe that Google acquired Motorola Mobility only to get its hands on the company’s patents that could have helped the Mountain View-based company in the lawsuit battles against Apple.

Now, almost a year after Google bought Motorola, a super-smartphone co-developed by the two giants failed to see the light of day.

The Motorola X Phone has made the headlines over the past few weeks, but everybody took the info with a pinch of salt. Until now, when a Motorola job posting on LinkedIn is more or less confirming the existence of the X Phone. Removed in the meantime, the Linked in job listing was revealing that Motorola Mobillity is looking for a Senior Director of Product Management, X Phone.

The Senior Director of Product Management job is also posted on Motorola Mobillity’s listings, but the X Phone mention is nowhere to be found. Except from the fact that the Motorola X Phone does exist, the job posting doesn’t reveal any other details about the smartphone.

Rumor has it that the fruit of the collaboration between Google and Motorola will be a super-smartphone, unofficially dubbed Motorola X, capable of gunning down other rivals like Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S. It was reported that the X Phone might be officially announced at Google I/O event in May, and that it will run Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie out of the box.

Other sources are indicating that X Phone will be a shatter-proof terminal with long battery life. Since full HD 5-inch displays seem to be the standard for the 2013 smartphone market, the X Phone might come with a touch panel like this.

There are no details about the processor underpinning the terminal, but there are a couple of viable alternatives out there. It will either come with Qualcomm’s quad-core 1.7 GHz Snadpragon S4 Pro chipset or with Nvidia’s Tegra 4 SoC based on four Cortex A15 cores.

Either way, stay tuned as we will return with more details about the mysterious Motorola X Phone as soon as they are available. In the meantime, please let us know what do you expect from the Googorola super-smartphone in the comments section below.