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Motorola / Google X Phone: New Specs, Rumors and Possible Release Date

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had a lot of rumors about the Google X Phone, which is supposed to be the next smartphone released by the internet giant in its partnership with Motorola. The first rumor we’ve heard suggested that the X Phone will offer the possibility to the users to customize its hardware when ordered.

The personalized smartphone rumored was somehow confirmed by Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki with a comment on his Google+ account.

Now there is a whole new series of rumors that surely make things interesting. According to online publication Android and Me, the Motorola X Phone will be launched in July 2013. Although, it was initially reported as scheduled for June, it seems that the company had some problems with the manufacturing process, the release date has been pushed back a month. However, it’s not so surprising as the duo have a pretty bold project and minor issues are kind of expected.

There is another rumor saying that the Motorola X Phone will offered in an exclusive way in July, and the release date for the general public will be around October. This might mean that the X Phone will be launched firstly online, and a few months later it will be offered to the carriers.

If Google will unveil the X Phone at its I/O event as we previously predicted, then it will certainly go live in July. In terms of customization, it is said that the consumers will be allowed to dictate the design of the smartphone, but will also be able to choose the amount of on-board storage as well as the software included. Moreover, the users will get to choose the casing’s material, though it’s kind of hard to believe that Google will go that far. But if it happens, the customers will get to choose for carbon fiber, metal or plastic.

This feature is similar to what HTC is offering through it HTC Get Started service where the customers can go online to order the phone and personalize it with pre-installed applications, wallpapers, ringtones and more. In other words, your phone will be already personalized right when you open the box.

In terms of specs, it looks like the hardware of the Motorola X Phone will be similar to the hardware of the HTC One, but it’s not meant as a flagship smartphone able to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the next iPhone. I know that many of you are disappointed, but it seems that Google wants the X Phone to be a rather budget friendly handset that could be appealing to a wide range of people.

One interesting characteristic of the X Phone will be the Motorola logo on its back which is supposed to be some kind of touch sensitive button that will enable the users to control the phone and perform various tasks. We’re not sure if the users if the Motorola X Phone will let the users choose the tasks assigned to the rear logo.

In other news,  Motorola will launch a few other Droid smartphones later in 2013. It is said that the phone maker will also come with the next Nexus phone, probably named Nexus 5, but I doubt that the company will take the responsibility of making two important Google branded devices at the same time, even though Motorola practically belongs to Google now. The Nexus 5 will probably be manufactured by the same company who made its predecessor, namely LG.

It is rumored that Google will also announce its Smart Watch along with the X Phone, but there is no official confirmation about the matter. Actually, we hope that at least some of the information gets confirmed because even though we have a lot, we still don’t know if it’s true or not.

With Google’s event taking place between 15 and 17 of May, we expect the company if not to announce the Motorola X Phone, at least to through us a bone, because we’re starving here.

What do you guys thing about these new rumors?

  • kitcostantino

    dude, proof read. Its painfull to read things like “there is another rumors” “customers cab go” and “the motorola will launch” and google doesn’t almost own motorola, they DO own motorola (mobility, the cell phone end). Aside from those issues, great piece.

    • Caron Modern Media

      I’m with you, kit! Killing me with “through us a bone”. Ugh!

  • Besnik Nadzaku

    If they dont have a awesome phone out on all carriers by june they lost in my book to many phones will be out by then

    • sadhvialam

      why would you want a nexus with carrier? sure you can have it at a discounted price but you would have the disgusting carrier flavor of android. and even if they dont have one out by june, too many phone are always out -_-‘

  • Danny J

    I thing you cunt spoll very good :^)

  • Scott Entwistle

    Man…that is really disappointing. I have to say, I was going to get the S4, but then when I heard about a Google branded Motorola phone…I thought wow I should hold off. I’m going to be running a month to month contract for awhile to wait until the announcement, but rumors are sounding less and less promising. Initially I was very impressed with the S4, and I am sure I will be when I play with it, but since the option of an HTC One-like smartphone was coming out from Motorola and Google, I realized how ugly I find the S4 and how TouchWiz has many areas that aren’t optimal. I had the original Motorola Droid on Verizon and loved it, and have had the iPhone 4 for 2 years now. I live in Germany, but am moving back t the US and just want to jump on the smartphone wagon at the highest point I can!

  • cant wait

    I don’t really care about the “can’t live up to the Galaxy S4”. I mean, just cut the crap. The Exybos 5 Octa isn’t actually as powerful as it sounds, especially when Motorola can do its magic in making a way better user experience with the MSM8960 than Samsung can with the Exynos 4 Quad.

    But I still think that Motorola should equip this phone with Cortex-A15s, whether it be dual like OMAP 5 or quad like Tegra and Snapdragon 800 (if Krait 400 is around A15 performance. I’m sick of seeing dual Krait and dual A9, it’s time for Motor to step up in the hardware department.

  • James Kelly

    1. Your grammar needs to be spot on. This was hard to read.

    2. The Rumor-mill sucks. Get out there and get some confirmations yourself. I know that may be hard but I personally am getting tired of rumors- they are just a let down for your readers.

    3. If rumor’s are all that you have, give us a thought in % of if you think it will be true or false just based on real world history in the cell phone business Vs. Real World Up-Coming Technologies Vs. Other Rumors. You could figure out a scale (maybe 1 – 10) based on categories (rumor/author reliability, Technology, Android Version(?), Is it possible/impossible… think outside the box but be realistic on these categories. Make sure you always let your readers know what the scale is based on. Then maybe have a Rumor section instead of News being filled with BS.

    4. If this rumor is true and this phone comes to Sprint (as I am stuck with them due to location/Cell service), I would give this phone a try after it came out, but most likely the Galaxy S4 is going to be my next phone after reading reviews, (XDA forums) and physically trying each phone. But I am waiting on this phone (and maybe Nexus 5) to be available at Sprint before I make my choice (and yes Sprint’s CDMA screws me a lot in terms of choices). FYI, I hate metal bodies, regular glass display touch screens, and LG. So any of those realities as far as in a X-Phone or Nexus 5, would be a no for me. I think metal bodies break stuff to easily when dropped (plastic may seem cheap but it doesn’t break as easily when dropped, if it’s made correctly), glass displays break easily when dropped and LG is crap of the loom as far as build quality and software support goes (in upgrades and just support overall). LG Software support may be better now, but they need a bit longer to prove themselves with the many phones they had black-eyes from (think LG Optimus S). Edit: Also for me to even consider the Google-Rola X-Phone, the Bootloader has to be open for flashing ROM’s. Motorola currently is stupid for their stance on users not having that capability.

    Keep up the good work!