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Alleged Google X Phone Running Android 5.0.1 Key Lime Pie Appears in AnTuTu Benchmark

A brand new AnTuTu benchmark is surfacing the internet, this time featuring the Google X Phone, a handset that has been a much debated subject over the past few weeks. The report has been published by a Japanese blog. The most interesting is that it looks like the device will run a distinct Android iteration from what’s available at the moment.

First of all, I must say that there is a pretty big chance that this benchmark is fake, but the X Phone is a highly awaited smartphone so I won’t let this pass through. In fact, I don’t recall any other device that hasn’t been officially confirmed to appear in AnTuTu benchmarks way before its release.

Now, let’s assume that the screenshot is actually real for a moment. There are a few aspects that need to be noticed, and I’m talking about the Android 5.0.1 OS version, the Google X name, and the obtained performance score, of course. Besides there three things, no other information is showed by the image.

Even though the majority of the previous reports have been referring to the smartphone as the Google X Phone or the Motorola X Phone (since it’s expected to be built by Motorola), the phone might be called just Google X, as you can see in the screenshot. No matter how it will be really called, this new device that is supposed to be launched sometime in 2013 has gotten all the Google Officials very excited.

If we look at the benchmark score, 12,479 is far from being enough to even be compared with the score obtain by other smartphones like the HTC One, Xperia Z, not to mention the Samsung Galaxy S4. Once again, if this is actually the real deal, the Google X Phone will be more like a mid-range device, not a flagship at all. However, the Google X might still be appealing to the customers as it will probably be sold at an affordable price, and the Google branded handhelds are usually very reliable, no matter which segment.

Returning to the AnTuTu benchmark score, the Google X Phone can only be compared with the Galaxy S3, which is the former Samsung flagship and the best sold Android smartphone until now, but now the South Korean company has taken the performance of the Galaxy S4 to another level.

We should also mention that the Google X Phone seems to be tested running a distinct Android iteration, namely Android 5.0.1 as showed in the screenshot. The new Android version hasn’t been announced yet and we expect Google to do it in mid-May at the I/O press event. Further, even though nothing has been confirmed by the company, the common consent is that the new Android version will be called Key Lime Pie.

I don’t think that the possible customers should feel let down by the AnTuTu score of the Motorola X Phone at all. After all, this score is still a decent one and the handset could be one of the most powerful mid-rangers on the market. Moreover, the Motorola officials themselves stated that the manufacturer is not planning to release smartphones with very impressive specs. So, you should get used to the idea that Motorola won’t be manufacturing flagships for now on.

According to Motorola’s Jim Wicks, Google might now focus on launching proper sized handsets that can the water and shock resistant and which can provide a high battery life for its users.

Furthermore, if the reports saying that the Google X Phone will have a small price tag are true, then it’s absurd to think that it will ever be able to compete with the Galaxy S4 and HTC One when it comes to technical specifications.

All in all, you should bear in mind that even if this AnTuTu benchmark is not fake, we can’t know all the details about the Google X Phone because we’re talking about a device that hasn’t even been unveiled yet running an operating system that hasn’t reached its final version, thus things might look different when the smartphone does gets released.

However, the benchmark looks more face than real meat to gather a little more attention, so I’m not going to be thinking about it so much. What do you guys say?