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Moto X Customization Options Are All About the Looks, Says Report

We have known for a while that the Motorola X Phone will be customizable, with the users being allowed to personalize the device before buying it, but we didn’t know how much will Google let us tweak it. A new report comes with an answer to that question, and as we expected, the company won’t allow the buyers to customize the hardware.

According to ABC News, publication which cites some sources, the company will allow the people who buy the X Phone to change the appearance of the handset with various colors and engravings. So, in case you decide to buy the phone, you will be able to order in from a website and choose its color for its back, as well as for the trim. You can also attach an engraving such as a message or simply your name. You can also upload any image you want to the website to be further used as the display’s wallpaper.

As I said, the hardware will not be up for customization, though it seems that you can select the amount of internal storage. OK fine, but I thing people have expected more. I mean it would have been great to choose the processor, the amount of RAM, etc. But I guess that would be a more complex process and the company will not be able to meet the needs of the customers in time.

Even if we are just talking about colors and engravings, it will still take some time from the moment you place the order to the moment you actually receive the smartphone. That’s why a factory based in the USA makes a lot of sense. In fact, it would be the only way Motorola can ship the customized X phones in a short tame after the order is placed. According to rumors, it looks like the phone will be shipped in a matter of days. However, this is the case for the order placed within the Unites States. I guess it will be harder to receive the Moto X that fast if you live elsewhere.

The publication does not offer any specs, but it refers to the device as being a mid-ranger that will run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, the OS being already tested by mobile networks.

Furthermore, ABC News also describes the way the contextual awareness features will work. It seems that the Moto X phone will have the ability to know when you are about to take a pictures and will launch the camera application automatically. It will act the same way when you’re driving your car and the speakerphone will be automatically be launched. The device is also rumored to include “advanced voice recognition technology.”

The publication also offers some availability details and points out that the Moto X phone will be sold online, but it will also be available at carrier stores. An interesting detail that people you bear in mind is the fact that the customers who will buy the handset directly from a carrier, they won’t be able to customize it. Instead, they will get a so-called “standard’ version. Of course, the news has not been officially confirmed yet.

Although Google hasn’t provided any information about the smartphone’s technical specifications or when it will be launched, we assume that it won’t be much longer until the announcement as the first Moto X ad has appeared in a few American newspapers such as the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, Motorola has launched a sign up page on its official website where you can register in case you want to receive information about the device via email.

All in all, even though ABC News is a serious publication, the information is yet to become official.