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New Google / Motorola X Phone Specs Leak, This Time Talking Snapdragon CPU

When it comes to Android devices, Samsung is the number one manufacturer on all possible levels. Whether we talk about flagships smartphones, or cheaper handsets, Samsung has sold more units than every other rival phone maker. This is due to the quality of its products as the company has managed to bring something new to the market every year, but also thanks to its brilliant marketing department. The South Korean manufacturer is understands very well why Apple has such a great success with its iPhones, and has implemented the same marketing strategy. Nowadays, it’s a trend to own a Samsung smartphone even though it’s not the best in terms of hardware, which fortunately has not been the case so far.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Unpacked event is knocking on our door with only two days remaining until the company will unveil its new high-end smartphone. You’d think that nothing can go wrong for the Koreans and all the eyes will be fixed towards them. However, there is a little device called Motorola X Phone, which seems to have the power to spoil their fun.

Plus, news about the Sony Xperia Z’s worldwide release is surfacing the web, and the HTC One might be rolled out in several important markets on the same day when the Galaxy S4 will be revealed. It looks like the rivals of Samsung have joined forces to diminish its popularity, but is this enough?

Returning to the X Phone, the newt smartphone coming from Google won’t be released for at least two months, when the I/O will take place, but this is the only device that can cause problems for the galaxy S4, at least in theory.

The curious thing, is that every time a new Motorola X Phone rumor appears it’s incompatible with the previous one. This may sound crazy, but I think it’s actually a good think because it causes some sort of mystery around the device making people to talk about it and forget about Samsung for a little while.

For example, yesterday some allegedly leaked specs appeared on the internet along with a blurry photo featuring the Motorola X Phone. The photo seemed fake right from the start and the specs were pretty odd as well, especially the 16 MP camera which is way over the top. Anyway, yesterday’s report is deflated by a new one, published by Ausdroid, website that cites a “well placed individual”.

When people use terms like “well placed individual”, it’s wise to be skeptical right from the beginning. But let’s play along and about it, after all these new specs look more reasonable than the previous ones. So, according to Ausdroid, the Motorola X Phone will sport a 5-inch Full HD display powered by a dual-core CPU manufactured by Qualcomm (it’s name isn’t provided), a 10 megapixel rear camera.

First of all let’s start with the screen. It’s not that a 5-incher is better than a 4-inch one, but this seems to be the trend. All the recently flagships have a 5-inch display, besides the HTC One which seems to be the only exception. I don’t know why, but the users prefer a bigger screen. I wonder how the smartphones of 2015 will look like, maybe we’ll need a bag to carry the phones.

I know that a 16 MP camera sounds better than a 10 MP one, but more megapixels doesn’t make the shooter take better pictures, it depends on the optics as well, and if we are to believe the rumors saying that Google is focusing on bigger optics, it won’t such a big deal. The most important thing is a high quality photo, not the number of megapixels of the camera.

As for the processor, the Nvidia Tegra 4i is replaced by a Qualcomm chip. Nothing wrong here, but what’s up with the dual-core part? Of course, more cores do not make a processor better all the times, but still there’s a problem here.

Finally, the image that comes along with the report is the original pic, at least that’s what Ausdroid claims. The only one is to blurry, and it was probably made that way to appear more enigmatic.

To tell you the truth, I think that neither of the images have something in common with the Motorola X Phone. Anyone with decent photo editing skills can do a better job than these guys. The specs are highly inaccurate, as well. There is no way that Google would have the nerve to show up with a dual-core smartphone and present it as a flagship, it’s 2013 after all. It’s my job to write about these kind of rumors, but that doesn’t mean that I can be so easily fulled by them.

In my opinion, the Motorola X Phone will indeed boast a Qualcomm processor, but it will probably be the Snapdragon 800. The chip maker said that the first terminal that will sport the new processor will be released this summer. Coincidence or not, if the Xphone will be unveiled at Google’s I/O event in mid-may, the device will be available a few weeks after, thus my supposition.

So, what do you think about this new rumor? Are you decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4, or you prefer waiting a little more for other options?