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Google / Motorola X Phone Will Let The Users Choose The Technical Specs

When you’re looking to buy a new PC it’s always better to buy the hardware separately or go to a store where you can customize it as you want. This way your desktop will include all the pieces of the puzzle that you want, and most of the times you spend less money than you would on standard one. Don’t you think it would be nice to able to do the same thing with a smartphone? Well, it seems that this might actually be possible according to a new report that suggests that Motorola and Google will provide this feature in the X Phone, which is expected to be launched pretty soon.

Curiously, this rumor appeared just when Samsung was getting ready to show of its Galaxy S4. According to Android and Me, website which got some information concerning the Motorola X Phone, Google seems to be preparing a new brand that would be strong enough to compete with the Samsung Galaxy brand.

First of all, I must tell you that the news remains just a rumor, as it can’t really be confirmed. However, its is said that the Motorola X Phone might be released at the Google I/O event, or soon after that and it will bring some interesting functions. The phone will be available online, probably on the internet giant’s Play Store. Google’s strategy is to offer the X Phone at a relatively low price to make the people more interested, in spite of the fact that it’s a high-end handset.

Even though we don’t have any details about the hardware of the X Phone, rumors has it that it will be powered by an eight-core CPU, one of them being dedicated to Motorola’s “new human language system”. The most interesting thing is that the users will be allowed to customize the device. To be more exact, if you decide to buy an X Phone you will be able to choose its color, RAM and the amount of internal storage. The device will arrive at your destination a week after you order it.

We’re not sure that the X Phone will come running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie as it isn’t mentioned in the report. However, Google and Motorola are expected to release minimum one software update after the handset is bought. It seems that the phone maker will roll out the updates without waiting for carriers, tough Motorola will have to reach some sort of agreement with the mobile operators in order to accept the concept.

The users will also have the possibility to customize their smartphones including pre-loading their personal wallpapers, applications, contacts, ringtones and more, at the same time as they are waiting for them to arrive. This is kind of similar to the HTC Get Started Feature. Another great thing is that the users of the Google X Phone will be allowed to unlock the SIM and the bootleader.

So, what do you guys think? Would you like one of these bad boys?

  • Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II


    • James Kelly

      Dude… I was just going to say almost exactly the same thing. This would totally be a game changer. Customization up the ying yang. Wuzzzzzzzup GoogMo. Now for the waiting game to see if its true or not. This would make me want a GoogMo store local. Now just hoping they support Sprint too.

  • Cory Wilson

    They just released a new nexus, I call bs

    • James Kelly

      I would hope it is not BS. Nexus is a different program all together. Besides that, the Nexus 4 isn’t as good as the Galaxy Nexus IMO. It may have a few better hardware specs. But no LTE, No CDMA, no removable battery. And. LG with their build quality being rickety…. come on. Please Google. Bring us a new Nexus and X Phone with support for all US Carriers and a Manufacturer that is better than LG. Come on GoogMo.

  • chepelink

    Well, if customization will be as far as, lets say, adding (or removing) a qwerty slide, put a small camera (I do not use it most of the time, it is a waste in my phone), a great cpu, gpu and ram with the standard unlocked features (os, sim, etc) it really will be a damn good of smartphone

  • John

    Hopefully you can change the OS.

  • Motabavirus

    My question is why would Motorola have to reach an agreement with mobile operators if the phone is purchased out right, in relations to software updates. Seems to be conflicting information, is it going to be sold by Google/Motorola, by carriers, or both.