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Motorola XOOM 4G gets CyanogenMod 9 Nightly

If you recall, one of the tablets that made history and started upping the Android system in that segment was none other than the Motorola XOOM. At its core, the original XOOM packed some pretty serious hardware, but it did lack a feature that steadily rose to the top of user’s preferences, the 4G LTE support. This was the reason behind the sequel named simply XOOM 4G, but unlike the original model, this 4G one didn’t get that much developer attention until now.

The Motorola XOOM 4G also has a little bit of history behind it as it was the first ever 4G enabled tablet, and for this part it is still very surprising to see that it didn’t get the attention of the developer community. Thankfully, the famous CyanogenMod group has been working hard lately and has finally released a nightly version of their CyanogenMod 9 OS designed specifically for the Motorola XOOM 4G.

Officially, Verizon is working hard on pushing the normal Android 4.0 ICS update to the XOOM 4G, but it seems that this feat is a rather hard one to accomplish. Unlike the original software, the CyanogenMod 9 OS brings numerous performance and customizable settings to the old time tablet. At its root, this custom operating system is still based on Android 4.0 ICS, but it adds a lot of things to the vanilla software. Also, this particular custom ROM is also well known for its great support and update availability.

The only relative downside of this custom ROM is that you need to have a Motorola XOOM 4G tablet with an unlocked bootloader and rooted in order to install it. This may not sound like difficult requirements for anybody who has rooted an Android device before, but for the new guys it will sure be one heck of a ride.

If you still fancy the updating ride, you can simply check out the official thread of the CyanogenMod 9 ROM here and see if you are up for the job.