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Motorola’s Next Budget Wonder- Moto G2 Caught On Camera, No Major Spec Bump Reported

Last year, Motorola changed the mid-range smartphone market landscape for the better by launching the Motorola G. It became the first smartphone to provide a high end Android experience at almost one-third the price. Not just that, Motorola also delivered the latest Android updates to it faster than some flagships from other manufacturers. Sure, it doesn’t sell millions each month but it has brought Motorola back in the game and helped it reclaim presence in a lot of markets that it had quit in the past.

It’s almost close to a year now since the Moto G launched, and now Motorola is getting ready to launch the successor to the Moto G (Could it be named G2?). The guys over at HellomotoHK have leaked the first pictures of the device and from what we can tell, not much has changed as far as the design is concerned.

The basic design language of the original Motorola G seems to be carried forward to the second generation with very little striking changes. The only major change we see is the front facing speaker grille design, similar to the Motorola E. The bezels too appear to have been trimmed.

Moto G 2

Along with the photos, HellomotoHK have also provided some information on possible specifications of the device. They report that the G2 would come with a bigger 5 inch display, as opposed to the 4.7 inch size on the original Motorola G. The screen resolution is said to remain the same at 1280 x 720. The rear camera is said to to be upgraded to an 8 megapixel unit from its predecessor’s 5 megapixel unit. Lack of expandable storage was one the major cons of the original Motorola G, the second generation will apparently fix that with a microSD card slot for memory expansion. Finally, there would be a removable back cover that could be replaced with various swappable Motorola shells like on the Moto X.

Surprisingly the processor is said to remain the same – a Quad-Core Snapdragon 400, along with 1GB of RAM. Storage options also would remain the same as the current one – 8/16GB. This does sound a bit strange to us, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 and 610 equipped smartphones showing up in the mid-range segment. Hellomotohk have learnt that Motorola is planning to hold a Media event on September 4th and could unveil the G2 during that event.

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