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Native Facebook App for Android in final test phase

Great news for all the Android users, as a native Facebook application is ready to be released. Well, quite ready, because according to our sources, the app is in its final test phase, of course the software being available for developers only. But, with this leaked announcement, it won’t be long until we will be able to use a new Facebook Android app, a native one this time. Therefore, the present HTML5 based app will soon be replaced with a tool more appropriate, just like the one featured on Apple’s iOS platform.

As we know, when the HTML5 Facebook app for Android was first made available, even Mark Zuckerberg affirmed that the software is a “mistake”, so everyone was expecting improvements to the same. Fortunately for us, we will get more, as the native app is being prepared as we speak, the tool being already in its final test phase. It’s true that the release date isn’t yet known, but it shouldn’t take long until we will be able to enjoy a more user friendly Facebook app on our Android based device.

The current HTML5 app is being considered slow and not user-friendly, a native Facebook tool for Android being the solution and also what we are all expecting. The numbers of Android users who access the Facebook network daily is hard to imagine (nearly 600 million) so we can only be excited when we talk about a new and better dedicated app.

That’s all for now, there are only few aspects know about this subject and what you see here should be considered rumors and not official facts. Anyway, stay close as we will update you with news as soon as something fresh comes out and do share your impressions with us (use the comments area from below).