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New Netflix Family Now Supports Steaming for Up to Four Devices Simultaneously

If you have a Netflix account then you surely have shared your login info with the members of your family and friends, but the problems is that an account has support for only two simultaneous streams. In case you try to get a third stream from another device you won’t be allowed until one of the two is closed. If you have this problem then you will be happy to hear that with a new $11.99 plan you will be allowed to have streaming on 4 different devices, according to The Verge.

The company admits that some users, especially the one with large families, need more than 2 steams at the same time, and will offer the possibility of 4 streams at one with a new plan of $11.99. However, Netflix officials believe that, even though there is need for such a plan, only 1% of the current users will take advantage of this new offer, which we don’t know when it will become available, Netflix only mentioning that it will be “shortly”.

1% of the current subscribers is far from being an impressive number, but maybe it will increase as the Netflix service is becoming available in more and more countries. The Netflix account can be used on a variety of devices such as Google TV, tablet, smartphone and PC.

In other news, it seems that the service will be available in another country soon. We still don’t know in which one, but it’s certainly in Europe, and Netflix will launch there in the second half of the year. Netflix says it will offer more details in the following months.

For now, the new family Netflix plan will be available in the United States only, and I said it will cost $11.99. The current standard plan is offered at $7.99.