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New Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update For Sony Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z1 Compact Upcoming

Sony has just updated the Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z Compact to Android 4.4.2 KitKat and it seems like now the company is preparing to push a new OTA update in order to fix a sound bug.

The KitKat update came with a bug that sometimes redirected the sound from the external speaker to the internal one and a lot of users have complained. We don’t have exact numbers, but it seems like a lot of users experienced the issue, as there are probably thousands of reports around the web.

Due to this bug, some users could not hear notifications, alarms, listen to music or make video calls.

Thankfully, Sony has listened to the users and they will release the new Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA update on April 7, which means affected users have only a few days left with this annoying issue.

We expect the update to fix other bugs too, as most manufacturers usually try to pack as many improvements as they can in their firmware updates, so your smartphone might be even better.

You can read Sony’s statement below.

Sony Mobile Communications would like to provide an update in response to reports around abnormal audio functionality and quality; that some users may be experiencing on their Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1 Compact devices after upgrading to Android 4.4 KitKat. We have identified this issue on some units of these models, and measures have been taken to swiftly deliver a solution for our users. A fix for the issues will be included in a new software release that will start rolling out from next week (w/c 7/04), with exact availability and timing varying by operator and market.

We will let you know when Sony starts rolling out the update. Until then we are curious if you have experienced this bug on your Sony Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact or Z Ultra.

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  • Jack

    yes have this problem, it such a pain in the backside !!!

    • Jon Carlson

      Anyone know if the z1s is receiving the kitkat update??

      • Brian Tapia

        Lol maybe someday. I am a fellow Sony Xperia Z1s using I think we will get the update when 5.0 comes out. Unfortunately T-Mobile is not very prompt when coming to updates.

  • Pratik Rajoria

    Yes I’m facing the same problem mentioned above, my cellphone rings sometimes loud “default” and sometimes the earpiece rings and it’s slow, not audiable. The new feature of answering machine is effecting (I believe) as I go to settings and un mute the speaker option in “answering machine” my problem of ring and other audio things get fixed for a hour or two….. But as it’s a bug it mutes it again.

  • John

    Today I received an update from my phone, was 20MB(Ive already updated to Kit Kat) and i dont know anything about this new update.
    Do You have any idea?

  • Darius Young

    Haven’t got the 4.4 update on T-Mobile yet, has anyone?

    • Jon Carlson

      I’m still waiting too. For the z1s update

      • Darius Young

        Cool, I thought something was wrong with mine.

      • Brian Tapia

        Have not seen it either on T-Mobile Sony Z1s it’s an awesome phone. Still love it on 4.3 I am coming from the Nexus 5.

      • Eyad

        I advise you not to update!

        • Jon Carlson


  • Joe

    My z1 has actually become slower post this update.
    Also, when I access whatsapp profile pick it automatically opens camera in background. Also, after answering call it automatically turns on speaker is it with me or anyone else also noticed this… I updated my phone last week.

  • Rakesh

    getting same problem after updation i am facing this problem please help us to resole this……

  • kmc

    After update I also have alarm clock bug,no screen to snooze or turn alarm off,also getting sound bug and phone is slow and stamina mode not holding charge overnight…very disappointed,no real difference on kitkat to jellybean

    • Jon Carlson

      Thanks for the info.

  • Murray A. Nix

    Since having Kit Kat hoisted upon me by Sony three or four days ago under the guise of an anonymous “Software Update”, the battery performance has rendered the phone unusable. Left on charge overnight it reaches 75% charge then drains all day whilst in use, despite being plugged into the charger all the time, ’til it drains the battery and switches off after 5 or 6 hours.

    Progress? Fucking abysmal.

    Sony’s solution: “Send it back to our UK subcontracted repair facility, SBE” is hardly a brilliant suggestion, as the last time I sent the phone to them with an issue (when the screen mysteriously shattered in my pocket in mid-November 2013) the phone reappeared on January 15th 2014!!! Plus they will neither compensate me if the Skinomi screen protector needs removed nor for the time it’ll take me to upload 16gb of music files (again!).

    • Brian Tapia

      sorry to hear your about your issues. Can you use the T-Mobile version were your at its been amazing and seems to have fixed those issues with past Z1. Also the Z1s has standard 32gb internal memory + 64gb micro sd expansion.

      • Murray A. Nix

        I am on the 3 network and my Z Ultra has 16gb internal memory with a 64gb external card.

  • Varun Uppal

    I have also experienced this bug. It feels very annoying. I have given complaints to my nearest Sony service centre, thankfully they replaced my old hanset with the new one cause they were also not able to solve the issue with software. Now I am facing the same problem with the new one. And after reading this I am satisfied that Sony is looking for this issue. Thanks to Sony. Waiting for the update on 7th April.:-)

  • Maximus Neo

    It’s perfect for me, thx, by the way how to get my quick setting menu back to the top of the notification menu? After the update, it went Into separate pages, now I need to tab the quick settings menu on top right only I can access to all of them. So? Anyone care to share?

  • Le Me

    Still haven’t got Kitkat on EE…Come on EE…

  • humberto

    my xperia z ultra is having problems with sound.. sometimes low, sometimes too loud.. its not stable, notifications sounds sometimes cant hear them.. or calls always sounds on hearphone =/

  • Santosh

    Does Xperia ZR get Kitkat update,if yes when will it be available in India

  • Hayate

    still waiting for my Sony Xperia Z to get KitKat 4.4 . smh Hurry up Sony

    • AT

      have you tried to update via PC Companion? My phone showed no updates but PC Companion said otherwise.

  • lisa173

    Post update to kitkat phone is moving a little slower and I am having the annoying issue with the sound. So disappointing

  • Q

    Agree with kmc! I am having the exact problem with my alarm clock, notifications and my stamina mode does nto hold my charge overnight :O

  • Jack

    Has anyone stated to receive the update to fix the audio bug ???? I am fit to throw my phone (and only have it 1 week ) in to the sea !!!!!

    • Jack

      started even

  • Gopi

    Overheating is one of the major issue and also the ringtones setting problem with the custom ringtone(mp3 file); which once changed it would keep playing continuously in loop until phone is restarted. This is weird.

    • GOPI

      Phone is Z1

  • javid sheikh

    my Xperia z1 hangs and also has the same problem with speakers plz tell me wot to do

  • stuart

    speakers swap, be playing a video and it comes out of the top speakers then press pause/play again and returns to bottom speaker, slower into apps and messages crashes heaps lately

  • Nick Wong

    Z Ultra user herr. After update to 4.4 kit kat. Sometimes no sound from the phone below speaker. Watching video from video player n YouTube, the sound become so soft come out from top ear speaker. Even the notification sound so soft. If after a call comes in, the ringing volume will become normal again. After a while then, sound problem comes again…….

  • sini

    Did anyone gt the problem solved?

  • Jennie Efc Welsh

    Still waiting for my z1 to be updated

  • Jennie Efc Welsh

    Got my update last night 04/11/2014 so far things are running great it’s faster and loads better

  • alexei

    Still waiting for the problem in my z1 compact. Speaker problem.

  • Shafiq

    I update my phone z1 , facing too many problems. Tones go down using too much ram, almost 95%.