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New Android 4.4.2 OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy S5 Rolling out at T-Mobile to Fix SMS/MMS Bug

T-Mobile officially announced that they are rolling out a new Android 4.4.2 update for their Samsung Galaxy S5 variant. If you happen to own a T-Mobile Galaxy S5 you’d better start checking the notification bar.

According to T-Mobile’s support page the new Android 4.4.2 update for Samsung Galaxy S5 has software version G900TUVU1ANE6 and it arrives with fixes for “intermittently incoming SMS/MMS failure” and network connectivity enhancements. As usual, the new software updated will be rolled out in phases meaning that certain owners will not be able to download and install it right away.

After your T-Mobile Galaxy S5 unit will become eligible to receive the new Android 4.4.2 firmware you should be prompted to update OTA in the notification area. Tap on the notification and follow the on-screen instructions. In case you haven’t received the notification you should also check for the update manually under Settings > General > About device > Software update > Check now. You can also grab the USB cable, connect the smartphone to the PC and check for the new firmware via KIES.

T-Mobile’s support page also mentions that the update file has a size of 180 MB (we recommend you to download it via WiFi to avoid data charges) and that you’ll need 50% or higher battery life.

Do you happen to own the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 variant? Have you received the Android 4.4.2 KitKat G900TUVU1ANE6 OTA update? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Kraezae

    I’m on Vodafone UK and I also just got this update.

  • Derrick

    I am with t mobile and I just received the update today

  • Jason Rogers

    U have had problems with SMS message failure several times and had to reset phone hope this fixes it. Love tmobile over sprint

  • vladimirpinchaloafsky

    Just received the update on my note 3, was hoping for 4.4.3, but seems to be 4.4.2 with a new kernel but same build…..hope this isn’t some mistake!

  • Dustin Lussier

    I just got my update about an hour ago. The sms/mms issues are such a headache. I hope it fixes the group mms. It’s really annoying that they do not roll up into one message. I’ve heard that has more to do with t-mobile in general though. Does anyone know?

    • adamleisy

      i updated and did not get any changes in the group MMS problem. still getting separate threads when people reply to group message!

      • Dustin Lussier

        Yup, same here….. [T-mobile FAIL]

  • Guest

    Received the update but was only 133MB?

  • Scott

    Received theupdate this morning WAs a ten minute WiFi update as promised

  • Hanns……Some

    Got the update today early this morning
    So far no problems texting sending and receiving

  • Christine Taylor

    I updated and since then cant use predictive text. It locks up after the first letter

  • Arron Hall

    Yes I got the notification of this update on the notification bar of my Galaxy S5. Well, once I fully charged its battery on wireless charging pad that I purchased from Amazon
    www .amazon.com/dp/B00DDTZN4S
    I will definitely consider updating my Smartphone.

  • A. Diaz

    Never had any problems but just received the update 6/9 at 12:00 pm in Houston.

    • elite_qt

      I never received notification of the update, I just happened to use Keis and I was told there was an upgrade of the firmware. Every time I try to upgrade, it crashes. Is anyone else having the same issue?

  • Kelly Gregg

    I just updated my phone but the only problem I’ve ever face was my text going in full caps in the middle of a sentence. Will that be fixed now?

    • abby

      I have had the same problem I hope that is fixed

      • evelyn

        By any chance when you guys updated did it delete all the texts messages you had saved?

  • eve

    Did anybody saved texts get deleted with the update?

  • MS

    I updated this morning when I woke up… I don’t notice any differences but I really hope that it fixed the issue where my phone’s data connection gets a hiccup (i.e. it says it’s connected but nothing will work, then suddenly it releases like 50 notifications that had been bottled up or something).

  • brandeattle

    It totally changed the view of my Favorites in Contacts… now it’s tiles and I can’t figure out how to change it back to “List” view. Anyone having this issue?